Watch & follow the 2016 Aussie Road Nats LIVE

2016 Australian National Road Cycling Championships, 6-10 January

This year’s Australian Road Racing started with a bang on New Year’s Day with the Bay Crits and their Summer of Cycling continues with the National Road Cycling Championships.  We can watch the road races, and I’ll tell you how to follow the other races live – but forgive me if the information’s complicated, it’s timezones!

We’re in Ballarat as usual, and the schedule, with links to the courses, startlists and so much more, is here,. Ballarat is in  Victoria, and in the AEDT timezone, so 10 hours ahead of European CET, 11 hours ahead of UK GMT, and 16 hours ahead of North American EST, so double check dates if you’re not in Aus.

The Sunday races are the only ones shown on TV, but there will be live results for all races on Cycling Australia’s site.    We can also follow the other racing live with the #RoadNats twitter hashtag, and various twitter accounts, including @CyclingAus and @SummerofCycle.  My podcast-partner-in-crime, Dan, will be at the road race, so check out his twitter for his special unique insights – and we’ll podcast after it too, of course.  There will be various periscopers showing live clips of races – I’d start on the twitter hashtag for that, and the Specialized women’s team will be on periscope in the feedzones – follow their twitter too.

The Sunday Road Races will be shown on 9 GEM, with the last hour of the women’s race shown “as live” during the men’s race coverage – so 3 hours after the racing.  Basically, if you want to watch it as if it were live, stay off social media!   The tv coverage starts at 1pm AEDT on Sunday (03:00 Euro CET, 2am UK GMT, 9pm Saturday USA EST) with the “as live” women’s race starting half an hour later.   If you google GEM live streaming, you can find streams, and you can look for streams here and here.  There’s some promo about what the women’s tv means here on Ella Cycling Tips, and their Road Nats coverage is here.

There is a huge amount of really fantastic content about the National Championships on the Cycling Australia Road Nats portal, with tons of rider profiles, race previews, videos about what the Nationals mean to riders, former winners, journalists and much more.   They’re very good at race highlights videos, too, so I’ll be looking for video highlights on the Cycling Australia YouTube.

Here’s a video preview of the course:

The Road Nats are always toughly contested, but this year, with the ITT and Road Race results contributing to Olympic selection, there’s even more riding on it.  If you want to find out more about the context, the races, and women’s cycling in Australia, listen to my recent podcast on the Aussie Summer of Cycling with Monique Hanley.

If I’ve missed anything, let me know here, or on twitter – and I’ll pull together a collection of videos and media after it’s all over.


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