More 2015 clothing collaborations with cyclists

Yesterday I showed you three recent collaborations between professional cyclists and cycling kit companies (with more at the end!) and today I’ve got more clothing collaborations – socks, kit, jeans and some casual clothing to help a team.  And if you’re in the same country as these guys, you can still get them in time for Christmas!  (Need more last minute Hanukkah/Christmas/Solstice/2015 birthday gifts for a women’s cycling fan, or woman who loves bikes?  Check out my shopping category, which is full of links to everything from art, to jewellery, to books, to random stuff from the last three years).

Emily Kachoreks’ Voler kits

I’m starting with USA cyclist Emily Kachorek‘s kits, that are for sale on Voler.  Kachorek’s the co-founder of handmade bike company Squid Bikes, and helps design all these jerseys (and gets a cut of the profits).  They have that streetart/cartoony vibe, and are available in women’s and men’s designs, with long & short sleeves, thermal versions, and even bibshorts, and I especially love the jersey full of monsters, and the black & white one – so vibrant and happy, and Megster, who told me about these, says kids love them when she rides past them.

If you like Kachorek’s designs, check out the designs she’s painted on the Squid Bikes Rattlecan – and the Squid Bikes shop, for T-shirts and stuff.


#BattyCat DeFeet socks

One of the 2015 WTF? cycling moments for me was #Sockgate (or #socksism) when, back in September, Interbike let Save Our Soles put giveaway socks in their freebie bag that featured the backs of women in thong bikinis.  It’s just taken me five minutes to get over my WTAF enough to even write that sentence, so if you (luckily) missed that, find out all about it via Chris Garrison on Singletrack , Jules’ take on Surly, and Padraig on Red Kite Prayer.

One of the responses to the whole debacle was from awesome downhill MTBer Amanda Batty, and this one lead to something really positive, as DeFeet International saw her post, got in touch, and together they created the #BattyCat socks.  The socks come in black and turquoise, and profits go to support the fantastic Little Bellas organisation helping USA girls get into MTB.  The story ended happily – amazing!  (If you want more ways to help out Little Bellas, you can buy their calendar and bracelet in their online store, or just donate to them.  And I hope you’re already following Batty on twitter, but if not, do so now!)


Sonya Looney’s Do Epic Shit DeFeet socks

Another DeFeet- pro MTBer collaboration is with ultra-endurance rider Sonya Looney, who put her catchphrase, “Do Epic Shit” onto some neon yellow socks.  Read her blog about what inspired her, and buy them here in neon aireator and here in black wool.

Big thanks to Chris Rivera for both the DeFeet links!


Amanda Nauman’s #PandaPower Sock Guy socks

Cyclocross time, and another USA rider, Amanda Nauman, is selling these socks to help fund her CX season – and if you click through here you’ll find tons of information, including a video.  Thanks to Kirschen Seah for the link!


Keirin cut jeans

Remember last year when USA track star Beth Newell (aka Beth Hernandez) launched a Kickstarter to make jeans that fit a cyclist’s quads?  It worked!  You too can now buy jeans that fit your slim waist and cyclist thighs, along with their t-shirt, over on Keirin Cut Jeans. And look! A discount, AND they’ll get to you (if you’re in the USA) by Xmas! Marvellous!


Velocast’s Women’s Cycling stuff

OK, OK, they’re not women, and they’re not pro cyclists, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the Velocast podcast boys, and their support for women’s cycling, which among many other things includes sponsorship of the British development squad Team 22.  One of the ways they’re helping is through proceeds from selling their “Women’s Cycling – cycling with added awesome” T-shirts and hoodies.  Makes me grin, supports a lovely team and keeps me warm – perfect!  Thanks to whoever sent me that link that I promptly lost….


If you’ve got any more cyclist collaborations to share, let me know in the comments…  and happy shopping everyone!


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