Be the change you want to see – Sarah interviews Heather Bamforth

Podcast interview logoI always love the people involved in women’s cycling who look at what’s not there and think “right, I’ll fix that”, so I’m a big fan of Heather Bamforth, who, when she came back to cycling after years out focusing on work and looked at what wasn’t there for women like her in the North West of England, has made a huge difference.  She’s done some really interesting things, setting up a league of races in the area, with a special focus on getting first-timers racing, coordinating race skills sessions for newbies with a racing league for Category 2/3 and 4 riders, and most recently being one of the founders of the Racing Chance Foundation, which raises money to help everyone from first-timers to riders who want to make the jump to elite racing abroad.

We talked about all this and more, and you can listen to it here (click through to download it):



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You can follow Heather on her twitter, and read her writing on Cycling Shorts – I recommend her series of posts on bike racing for beginners, full of useful information.

If you want to join the Racing Chance Foundation club, from anywhere in the UK, for just £5, the information is here.  Their website is full of useful information like their calendar of race training sessions and races to enter,  and you can also support them by donating to the Foundation or buying their kit and clothing.   Follow them on twitter and facebook as well, and the Racing Chance Women’s Racing Forum group is on facebook.

Heather gave a lot of shout-outs to different people she works with, including (but not limited to!) Huw Williams, Colin Batchelor and Team 22, Alan Gornall, Carley Brierly and Anna Magrath – follow them too!


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