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Podcast 2015 Episode 32 – All Hallows Season

Podcast logoBOO! (Did we scare you? Ok. What if we said “Pat McQuaid is behind you!”? That’s better, welcome to Halloween!). Let’s get on with the podcast.

2015 was such a great year for women’s cycling and so we take a look back at our favourite races and moments from the year. We also take a bit of time to look at the lowlights and to sum up our view of the impact of 2015 on women’s cycling overall. Also, Sarah plays a trick on Dan and also Dan laughs so hard he loses the ability to swear. (1:03:55 MIN / 61.38 MB)

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Your best?

Tell us about your highlights for 2015 in the comments below or on twitter. We’d love to reminisce about anything we’ve missed!

  1. Megster
    October 31, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    Lowlight: Wei Yuet getting his camera and images stolen:( (Though we were very lucky Balint Hamvas stepped in.)

    Highlight: The new world tour WITH required minimum standards

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