Videos & more from the 2015 Junior Road Race World Championships

Just as with the Junior women’s ITT World Championships, there’s no UCI video of the junior races at all.  Yeah, it makes me angry, and yeah, I’m pissed off for the riders themselves, but what can we do?  Well, luckily for us, some lovely people were tweeting snippets from around the course, and we have some interviews with riders below as well, along with photos, results and more.

Chloé Dygert talks about her double win – thanks Felix Mattis!

Race report from the UCI and Cyclingnews with photos, and fans-eye view from GiroJenny.  Balint Hamvas’ photo gallery, photos on VeloNews, and Mini Bear Travels’ photos.

Full results and Tissot analysis

1.   Chloé Dygert, USA, 1:42:16
2.   Emma White, USA, + 01:23
3.   Agnieszka Skalniak, Poland, + 01:28
4.   Yumi Kajihara, Japan, + 01:41
5.   Susanne Andersen, Norway, s.t.
6.   Elisa Balsamo, Italy, s.t.
7.   Grace Garner, Great Britain, s.t.
8.   Yara Kastelijn, Netherlands, s.t.
9.   Jessica Pratt, Australia, s.t.
10. Ida Jansson, Sweden, s.t.

Australians Anna-Leeza Hull and Jess Pratt

Alisson Chevez (Costa Rica)

Camila Valbuena (Colombia)


Update – there’s a little bit of backstage action in this UCI video:


As ever, if you see anything else, please do tell me, here or on twitter.


4 thoughts on “Videos & more from the 2015 Junior Road Race World Championships

  1. I had a junior tell me one time, “I don’t know why people get so excited about Masters. They are all old and going to die soon anyway.” I told him that it wasn’t a nice thing to say, then went around the corner and cracked up.

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