Videos and more from the 2015 ITT World Championships

Oh my goodness, the ITT at Richmond!   In layman’s terms, the women’s Individual Time Trial championships at the 2015 Road Cycling Championships.   There is a LOT of video and photos and blogs – here’s my collection, and I’ll edit in more as I see it.

The UCI highlights

The full race replay is archived here on the UCI website.

That’s geo-restricted, but if you want to watch it, use a paid VPN or a free one like Tunnelbear or Betternet (your own risk of course) and set it to a country like Poland (once the stream starts, turn off your TB to save your free allocation


So Linda Villumsen finally won the title, after five podium places.  Felix Matthis asked her about that and her plans for next year, the Rio Olympics and more

Anna van der Breggen told Felix about mixed her feelings on coming second, and looks ahead to the Road Race

Lisa Brennauer was so close to regaining her rainbow jersey – Felix’s interview with her in German


Fantastic photos by Balint Hamvas on, and more photos on the Cyclingnews race report.

Race reports on the UCI site, and on Ella Cycling Tips – and the Cyclingnews podcast talks about it with Rochelle Gilmore

Full results – or on Tissot, with the timesplits

1. Linda Villumsen, New Zealand, 0:40:29.87
2. Anna van der Breggen, Netherlands, + 00:02.54
3. Lisa Brennauer, Germany, + 00:05.26
4. Katrin Garfoot, Australia, + 00:09:32
5. Kristin Armstrong, USA, + 00:20.58
6. Evelyn Stevens, USA, + 00:26.58
7. Ellen van Dijk, Netherlands, + 00:53.98
8. Alena Amialiusik, Belarus, + 01:06.03
9. Ann-Sofie Duyck, Belgium, + 01:19.20
10. Trixi Worrack, Germany, + 01:19:41


Katrin Garfoot talks about coming 4th at her 2nd Worlds

Kristin Armstrong was hoping to get on the podium to get a guaranteed place at Rio.  She told VeloNews how she feels about that (and more here)


Ellen van Dijk had a mechanical but is very definitely not blaming that – she’s always so classy

Track superstar Tara Whitten was back out of retirement to finish 13th

and her Canadian compatriot Karol-Ann Canuel was 15th

Serika Gulumá Ortíz was racing for Colombia (Spanish)


Here’s the UCI’s backstage video for the day


There will be lots more to come, and I’ll edit it in more as I see it – if you’ve got things you liked, tell me here, or on twitter.


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