Videos & more from the 2015 Junior World ITT Championships

After the excitement of the Richmond 2015 Team Time Trial, we’ve had our first look at the Individual Time Trial course, and our first medals for riders in national teams, as the Junior women raced their ITT.

Usually at this point I’d add in the UCI’s highlights videos from the Junior ITT, but this year, unlike 2014 and 2013, this year they’ve decided not to make highlights.

It’s interesting, because there was no live broadcast in 2013 either, but they managed finish-line shots plus interviews, which is bare minimum to me, and so simple even I could do it.  I’m truly gutted for all these young riders who worked SO hard, and there’s no video record to show their friends, families, sponsors, future teams…  or to watch themselves to see how they can improve.  It’s 2015!  This is not difficult!  I hope they sort this out for Friday’s road race.

Luckily, there are a couple of mini-videos around, and photos and race reports as well.  And if you find anything, tell me and I’ll edit it in.

USA Cycling gave us this short interview with winner Chloé Dygert after the race:

and Cycling Australia video-interviewed Anna-Leeza Hull on her bronze medal:

Tiny video from the UCI of Emeliah Harvie starting:

Race report from Dygert’s team TWENTY16 p/b SHO-AIR, and from  the UCI, Cycling Tips, and Cycling Australia and fan’s-eye-view from Giro Jenny.  Race report with photos on Cyclingnews.  Photos by Balint Hamvas on, and more photos on the UCI facebook and Mini Bear Travels.

Full results – and splits on Tissot Timing

1.   Chloé Dygert, USA, 0:20:18.47
2.   Emma White, USA, + 01:05.53
3.   Anna-Leeza Hull, Australia, + 01:26.08
4.   Pernille Mathiesen, Denmark, + 01:30.41
5.   Juliette Labous, France, + 01:35.96
6.   Aafke Soet, Netherlands, + 01:40.67
7.   Daria Pikulik, Poland, + 01:41.06
8.   Gillian Ellsay, Canada, + 01:45.17
9.   Agnieska Skalniak, Poland, + 01:47.51
10. Emeliah Harvie, Canada, + 01:49.51

And of course, it couldn’t be Worlds without more commissaire trauma…



6 thoughts on “Videos & more from the 2015 Junior World ITT Championships

  1. Quote from Richmond Times journal: The only races that won’t be shown are the junior races. UCI and Richmond 2015 decided not to produce coverage for the junior events this year, instead focusing on the races that are expected to attract a larger TV audience.

    Very disappointing !!
    By the way thank you for your great site.

    • It’s crazy! At least the Junior men’s ITT shows up a little bit in the UCI daily video – but focusing on backstage, not the racing – real shame there wasn’t even this for the Junior women.

      (I do understand the whole thing about not showing juniors live, even if I don’t agree, but not even having highlights is really insulting to the riders)

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