Watch the Richmond 2015 Road Cycling World Championships LIVE!

It’s Worlds Week!  It’s so exciting, so many races to watch – and I’m here to tell you how to watch the women’s races and follow them online.  First, check into the amazing Richmond 2015 website, they pretty much have everything about when the races are on, courses etc, and are streaming them live (may be geo-restricted), then check the tv schedule on the UCI website, to see if you can watch it with your local broadcasters.  If not, head to the UCI Youtube for their streams, or their page with all the streams on at once.  Click through to see if they’re geo-restricted in your area or not, and if it’s not, there’ll be a countdown ticker on there.  The stream is also available on the Richmond 2015 app, with tons of other information – download the app here.

If you want to follow the results live with timesplits etc, there could be live timing on Tissot Timing – check here when the race starts.

It’s restricted where you are?  DON’T WORRY!  VPNs are legal, and here to help you.  You can buy a monthly subscription from a paid-for company like Witopia, or you can sign up for free VPNs at Tunnelbear or Betternet.   So for example, set yourself to the USA for the Richmond stream, or to somewhere like Poland for the UCI stream (Turn off your Tunnelbear after the stream starts, to keep your free use low).  And if you don’t like VPNs, there will always be streams – check out ProCycling Live, Cycling Fans and Steephill (of course using all streams/VPNs etc are at your own risk – don’t click on the stream adverts, people!).

So what’s on when?  Richmond is in North American EDT, so 5 hours behind UK BST, 6 hours behind Euro CEST and 14 hours behind Australian AEST, and 3 hours ahead of North American PDT…

Women’s Team Time Trial, Sunday 20th September

Here’s the Youtube stream.  The women’s TTT starts at 11:30am EDT (4:30pm BST, 17:30 CEST, 1:30am AEST and 8:30am PDT) and the coverage starts about 10 minutes beforehand.

UPDATE FOR BRITS!  It’ll also be on British Eurosport!  Look:

The course is here, same course for women and men, and the startlist here – this is going to be the most exciting TTT Worlds to date, and if you want my predictions, they’re in this Ella Cycling Tips preview.  Here’s the live timing on Tissot.

How do teams prepare?  Here’s Wiggle Honda’s video


Junior Women’s Individual Time Trial, Monday 21st September

This won’t be streamed live, but we can follow it on twitter, with the #Richmond2015 hashtag, and my live-twitter list, and even better, with the Tissot live timing.    The race is from 10am EDT (3pm BST, 16:00 CEST, midnight AEST, 8am PDT) and they’ll race one lap of the 15km course.  Hopefully there’ll be highlights of the race on the UCI Youtube afterwards.  The startlist is here – so much young talent out there, follow them!


Elite Women’s ITT, Tuesday 22nd September

This is live on a lot of channels, and there’s a stream on the UCI Youtube.  The race starts at 1:30pm EDT (6:30pm BST, 19:30 CEST, 10:30am PDT and 3:30am Wednesday morning AEST (sorry Aussies!)) with the TV starting 10 minutes before and the startlist with start times is here.  It’s two laps of the 15km course – with long straight sections, technical corners and a short, sharp hill – a bit of everything, in fact.  Can’t watch live?  Follow the advice for the junior women!


Junior Women’s Road Race, Friday 25th September

Again, this isn’t being broadcast live, but as with the Junior ITT, follow it on twitter with the #Richmond2015 hashtag, and my live-twitter list, and there’ll be some updates from Tissot live timing.   The race starts at 10am EDT (3pm BST, 16:00 CEST, midnight AEST, 8am PDT) and it’s four laps of the 16.2km road race circuitStartlist is here.

(No video for the junior men either – but their Tissot live timing is here, they start at the same time as the junior women, but on Saturday, and their startlist is here)


Elite Women’s Road Race, Saturday 26th September

This one is live in so many places, you’ll definitely find streams – like this one on the UCI Youtube.   It starts at 1pm EDT (6pm BDT, 19:00 CEST, 10am PST, 3am Sunday morning AEST) and it’s 129.8km, 8 laps of the circuitStartlist is here.


Want more?  There’s lots more on the UCI Worlds portal, and I’ll put up posts with everything I can find after each race.  And like always, if you’re new to women’s cycling, ask me any questions here or on twitter – especially if you don’t know who to support.  If you tell me your favourite kind of rider, I’ll tell you who to cheer for!  I’ve done that for previous Worlds and it’s my favourite game!

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters for funding me to do things like this!


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