Watch the first Cyclocross World Cup of 2015/6, CrossVegas, LIVE!

It feels like cylcocross starts earlier and earlier every year, but I am NOT complaining, especially since the World Cup is extending to the USA, and CrossVegas.  CX in the desert?  Under floodlights?  It’s unique, and always good times, and best of all, LIVE!

CrossVegas 2015 is on Wednesday 16th September, and the women’s race starts at 8:15pm USA PDT (11:15pm EDT and on the 17th for 4:15am UK BST ; 05:15 Euro CEST; 1:15pm Aussie AEST) – and here’s the livestream, on the UCI youtube:

(NB that says the stream starts 10:30am, presumably BST, but that can’t be right..)

If you want to watch the men too, their stream is here, and the race starts 9:30pm PDT (half past midnight EDT; 5:30am BST; 06:30 CEST; 3:30pm AEST).  If those streams are too late/early for you, don’t worry, because the stream converts to the archive as soon as the race is over.  You might want to check the stream to see if you’ll be able to see it in your country – if not, you might want to add something like Tunnelbear to watch it, and set yourself to the UK (turn the TB off as soon as the stream starts)

There’s lots more CrossVegas information on the race website, including provisional startlists on the frontpage (the full startlists and results will turn up on the UCI site) and the course map.  There’s more info on the CX World Cup on the UCI portal, and you can follow the Race twitter and the #CrossVegas hashtag for more news – I’ll also be looking at the  Cyclingnews CX portal, Cyclocross Rider and Cyclocross Magazine for pre- and post-race fun.    And if you want a rider point of view on the race, I interviewed Helen Wyman last week, and you can listen to that here.


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