Videos & more – 2015 MTB World Championships – Elite XCo and Downhill

WOW that was amazing racing – with cycling legends made, and some really TOUGH courses.

There’s been so much great content from the 2015 Mountain bike and Trials World Championships, in Vallnord, Andorra already, and I’ve posted the women’s race action from Days 1-4 here (Trials Semi-finals and Cross Country Eliminator and Relay and u23 XCo videos, results and photos) but it didn’t stop there – here’s what I’ve found from the women’s junior and elite Downhill Finals, and the Elite Cross Country races…  OMG! WOW! AMAZING!

First, the Vallnord highlights from each day:

Cross Country

This was a tough course, so tough that after seeing the women race in the sticky, gloopy mud, the race organisers reduced the men’s distance, so both the women and the men rode six laps – distance equality!  The competition was always going to be fierce, but watch how it panned out…

Full race replay on Red Bull Bike

That was the stuff of legends – Pauline Ferrand-Prévot now holds the rainbow jerseys in three different disciplines – road, cyclocross and MTB (4 if you count the MTB relay which she also won this week) – and she made it look easy, even though she had to fight to the front as she was gridded further back from the other favourites.   HUGE congratulations to her – and watch out, roadies, she’s now off to defend her Road World Championships title in Richmond!

1.   Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, France, 1:52:44
2.   Irina Kalentyeva, Russia, + 00:58
3.   Yana Belomoina, Ukraine, + 01:36
4.   Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjåa, Norway, + 02:15
5.   Catharine Pendrel, Canada, s.t.
6.   Maja Włoszczowska, Poland, 2:52
7.   Emily Batty, Canada, + 03:42
8.   Sabine Spitz, Germany, + 04:02
9.   Jolanda Neff, Switzerland, + 04:57
10. Lea Davison, France, + 05:14

Full results.  Photos on the Vallnord website, and on Red Bull Bike.  Race reports from Vallnord and the UCI, and video interviews with Canadians Catharine Pendrel and Emily Batty.

(Want to watch the men?  Their full replay is over here)



Let’s start with what the course was like – here’s Claudio Caluori’s GoPro preview video of the course, and Cédric Garcia’s.  Oh, and Rob Warner’s views on the track too…  And here’s a photo gallery of the riders walking the track, on Dirt Mountainbike.


Big congratulations Marine Cabirou, who came back from breaking her vertebrae to become Junior World Champion.  There’s a photo of her riding in this Dirt Mountainbike report, and here are the full results.

Elite women

Practice day video from Red Bull Bike (men only, but it shows you what the course was like) and Photo gallery from Dirt Mountainbike;  Photos of the timed runs from Dirt.  And then…  the race!

I LOVE this – Rachel Atherton’s GoPro from her winning run – exhilarating!  And Manon Carpenter riding to second – wow!

(Want more GoPro?  Gee Atherton’s run and crash)

Full race replay on Red Bull Bike

1.   Rachel Atherton, Great Britain, 0:05:08.488
2.   Manon Carpenter, Great Britain, + 03.238
3.   Tracey Hannah, Australia, + 09.973
4.   Morgane Charre, France, + 22.353
5.   Tahnée Seagrave, Great Britain, + 22.928
6.   Emilie Siegenthaler, Switzerland, + 25.556
7.   Casey Brown, Canada, + 34.774
8.   Miranda Miller, USA, + 37.641
9.   Carina Cappellari, Switzerland, + 44.607
10. Sophie Tyas, New Zealand, + 45.607

Full results – race reports from the UCI and Vallnord.  Photos from Dirt, Red Bull Bike, and more of their pics.

(Want to watch the men?  Their full replay is over here)


Finally, a tribute to all the Vallnord marshals and volunteers – massive thanks to all of them for all their hard work to make it such a great Worlds


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