Shirt week! The Helen Wyman range for Velocio Apparel

Last month we saw the kit Iris Slappendel designed for Milltag, and now we’ve got another cyclist-designed range – Helen Wyman for Velocio Apparel.

If you don’t know Helen, she’s a fantastic ambassador for cyclocross, a top racer, riding for Kona, who also branches out into road, racing for Matrix Procycling in UK domestic races and some international…  but as well as being a fantastic rider, she’s also one of the very best cyclists when it comes to social media and spreading the love of the sport.  She’s super-friendly and great to follow – and when she’s not happy about aspects of cycling, works to change them, both as part of the UCI’s CX Commission and independently, as when she helped get the Koppenbergcross to be the first European CX race to offer equal prize money to women and men.  I’m a huge fan!

So as a cyclocross rider, Helen’s used to riding in rain, mud and cold, so this kit’s made for nasty conditions.  There are two pieces – the short-sleeved jersey and the thermal women’s bib shorts, or you can save 15% and buy them together.  It’s only for women at the moment, and of course you can pick up extras like arm- and leg-warmers on the Velocio site as well.  Click through and find out more!

Update!  And now there’s a jacket and overpants for those cold, wet, muddy days

To find out more about Helen, make sure you check out her website and twitter, and her page on the Kona site – and here’s my last interview with her from January 2015, with links to all my other Helen interviews at the bottom.  There’s lots more lovely kit, for women and men, on the site, so click through and enjoy.

Update!  I talked to Helen about the kit collaboration, and much more, and you can listen to that here.


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