Videos & more – 2015 MTB & Trials World Championships, Days 1 to 4

I was going to make a mega-post, but really, there’s so much content coming out of the 2015 Mountain bike and Trials World Championships, in Vallnord, Andorra, that I’m going to have to split my post into (at least!) two.  So this post covers Days 1 to 4, including the Cross Country MTB Eliminator and Relay finals, the Trials quarter- and semi-finals, and the Junior and u23 Cross Country finals.  It’s been fantastic racing, and it’s not going to stop – here’s a reminder of how to watch the elite women’s and men’s Cross Country and Downhill Finals on 5th and 6th September, with the rest of the race schedule and how to follow everything else…


Here’s Claudio Caluori’s helmetcam preview of the course.  They had an unfortunate power cut, so the full race replay video has a LONG period of nothing in it – the races start again after the gap at 1:37:15:

The finals start from 3:30:41 (watch here) or you can just watch the UCI women’s highlights & Vallnord’s Day 1 highlights, with some (men’s) Trials and the XCE

Full results – and photos on the Vallnord website. Race report on the Vallnord and UCI websites.

1.   Linda Indergand, Switzerland
2.   Ingrid Boe Jacobsen, Norway
3.   Kathrin Stirnemann, Switzerland
4.   Ramona Forchini, Switzerland
5.   Anne Terpstra, Netherlands
6.   Anna Oberparleiter, Italy
7.   Nadine Rieder, Germany
8.   Chiara Teocchi, Italy
9.   Emily Parkes, Australia
10. Greta Seiwald, Italy


Cross Country Relay

Highlights from the Relay, and interview with Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, and highlights from Day 2 including the Relay and (men’s) Trials

Full results – and photos on the Vallnord website.  Race report on the UCI website.

1.   France (Victor Koretzky, Jordan Sarrou, Pauline Ferrnad-Prévot & Antoine Philipp) 0:52:45
2.   Denmark (Simon Andreassen, Niels Rasmussen, Annika Langvad & Sebastian Carstensen Fini) + 00:24
3.   Italy (Marco Aurelio Fontana, Francesco Bonetto, Eva Lechner & Gioele Bertolini) + 01:01
4.   Switzerland (Florian Vogel, Jolanda Neff, Filippo Colombo & Lars Forster) + 01:17
5.   Germany (Ben Zwiehoff, Robin Hofmann, Sabine Spitz & Manuel Fumic) + 01:25
6.   Belgium (Jens Schuermans, Niels Derveaux, Githa Michiels & Bart de Vocht) + 01:49
7.   Sweden (Axel Lindh, Joel Burman, Jenny Rissveds & Emil Lindgren) + 02:08
8.   Canada (Raphael Gagne, Alexandre Vialle, Catharine Pendrel & Raphael Auclair) + 02:21
9.   Colombia (Jhonnathan Botero Villegas, Egan Bernal, Yossiana Quintero & Brandon Rivera) + 02:38
10. Spain (Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez, Josep Duran Reig, Rocio Martin Rodriguez & Pablo Rodriguez Guede) + 02:46

Video interview from Canadian Cyclist with Catharine Pendrel:

So that’s Ferrand-Prévot’s second World Championship win of 2015 – how many will she finish the year with?


Junior Cross Country

Full results Photos of the women and men and reports from the Vallnord and UCI websites.

1.   Martina Berta, Italy, 1:08:40
2.   Evie Richards, Great Britain, + 01:20
3.   Nicole Koller, Switzerland, + 02:27
4.   Ida Jansson, Sweden, + 03:18
5.   Alessia Verrando, Italy, + 03:39
6.   Jana Czeczinkarova, Czech Republic, + 04:28
7.   Greta Seiwald, Italy, + 04:39
8.   Antonia Daubermann, Germany, + 05:32
9.   Sina Frei, Switzerland, + 06:12
10. Aline Seitz, Switzerland, + 06:22

Canadian Cyclist video interview with Laurie Arseneault.



Race preview from the UCI. Photos from the Semi-Finals on the Vallnord website – and the women’s semi-final results.  More bits of Trials clips in the Day 1 and Day 2 videos above.

Full results and photos from the finals, and race report from the UCI.

1.   Janine Jungfels, Australia, 22 points
2.   Tatiana Janickova, Slovakia, 32
3.   Nina Reichenbach, Germany, 33
4.   Marie Krivova, Czech Republic, 40
5.   Manon Basseville, France, 40
6.   Debi Stuber, Switzerland, 46
7.   Kristina Sykorova, Slovakia
8.   Irene Caminos, Spain
9.   Perrine Devahive, Belgium
10. Erika Hlavata, Slovakia


u23 Cross Country

Full resultsPhotos of the women and men, and race report on the UCI’s and Vallnord‘s site.  More race clips in the Day 4 highlights (see under Trials)

1.   Ramona Forchini, Switzerland, 1:37:23
2.   Olga Terentyeva, Russia, + 00:39
3.   Jenny Rissveds, Sweden, + 01:01
4.   Malene Degn, Denmark, + 01:52
5.   Alessandra Keller, Switzerland, + 02:29
6.   Linda Indergand, Switzerland, + 03:15
7.   Monika Zur, Poland, + 03:40
8.   Yossania Quintero, Colombia, + 04:10
9.   Kate Courtney, USA, + 04:13
10. Serena Tasca, Italy, + 04:22



A couple of pre-race things – Trackwalk gallery on Dirt Mountainbike, and Cédric Garcia’s video course preview video – and the earlier video preview with the awesome Claudio Caluori, on the UCI Youtube.

Practice day gallery on Dirt, and more photos from Day 3 and video on Red Bull Bike….  this race is going to be HUGE!


I’ll be back after the weekend with even more – the Junior and Elite Trials and Downhill, and elite cross country…  Can’t wait to watch the racing live this weekend!


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