Watch the 2015 MTB World Championships LIVE!

The 2015 MTB and Trials World Championships run from 1st- 6th September, in Vallnord, Andorra, and we can watch some of the MTB races live!  Here’s the UCI trailer:

So, what can we watch, and how can we follow the rest of it?

Here’s the UCI TV guide, with what’s showing when and where.

UPDATE! The MTB Eliminator will be streamed live on Tuesday 1st September, at 15:20 Euro CEST (2:20pm UK BST; 11:20pm Aussie AEST; 9:20am North American EST)  – and you can watch the stream here.

UPDATE!  The live stream had real problems, but the video kicked in at 1:37:00 ish (watch here) and the finals start from 3:30:41 (watch here).

What’s the course going to be like?  Here’s Claudio Caluori’s great helmetcam preview:

No live streaming of the Trials, but I am assuming that we’ll see clips of the winners etc on the UCI youtube as well, and on the Vallnord youtube – I’ll hoping these will fill up with race videos as the week goes on.

Three of the finals will be live on Red Bull TV – and if you miss them live, archived here too:

Click those links for a countdown timer to work out the time in any other timezone.

I love this XCo course preview, from Erin Huck and Claudio Caluori, so funny!

What’s that Downhill course going to be like?  Here’s Claudio Caluori’s bikecam preview, and one from Cédric Garcia  – and here’s the Trackwalk gallery on Dirt mountainbike.


The full MTB Worlds competition schedule is here and there’s tons more great information on the Vallnord race website.

You can follow all the action as it happens on twitter with the #Vallnord2015 hashtag, and there are twitter accounts for Vallnord MTB and for the UCI MTB – and the UCI MTB World Cup facebook is updating too.  There’ll be live timing too on the Tissot Timing site (you’ll be able to find the results and live here too).

I’ll be looking for more information in my usual favourite MTB places – Red Bull Bike, Dirt MTB (for the DH only) and Vital MTB – they should have all kinds of pre-race fun, including videos and photo galleries from every day of DH and some XCo as well.  There are race previews on the UCI site for Trials and MTB, and they also have a competition portal with startlists and more information.  I’ll also pull together a collection of everything I find from the races here, after it’s all over – anything you see that you like, leave me a comment, or tell me on twitter.


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