Sarah interviews… Anne-Marije Rook

Podcast interview logoThis year following women’s cycling has got easier and more fun with the launch of Ella, the Cycling Tips women’s cycling site. Anne-Marije Rook is one of their two editors, Dutch journalist who races and rides around her home in Seattle.

We talked about how she got involved with the site, how it’s grown, challenges and goals, and of course her plans for the future.  Of course our conversation took in a lot more, including the state of women’s cycling and what we love about it, and all kinds of things about the sport.


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Ella Cycling Tips is online here, and you can follow their twitter too – and find out more about Anne-Marije on her website, twitter and instagram.


2 thoughts on “Sarah interviews… Anne-Marije Rook

  1. Great interview! Felt like the 2 of you could have talked for hours. Appreciate hearing that comments on websites are important, so will start doing more here than just twitter. I like the approach Ella Cycling Tips has taken as they build the website and keep it positive and diverse, although I’m partial to the racing content like you focus on. And good luck deciding what you want to do long term with women’s cycling – you do a great job, so hoping you stick with it.

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