This week’s race videos – Tour of Utah, European Champs, Windham MTB World Cup

It’s been a great week for women’s races, with so much live racing – I feel spoiled! We’ve got videos, photos & more from the women’s Tour, the European Junior and u23 Road Championships, and the Windham cross country and downhill MTB World Cup.  In chronological order…

Tour of Utah

Press conference videos with Allie Dragoo, Kendall Ryan and Sam & Skylar Schneider.

Stage 1

Final kilometres below – and the full stage video here

We’ve never seen a race report like Amy Cutler’s:

Post-stage video interviews with Erica Allar and Coryn RiveraStage 1 photo gallery, and full results.

Stage 2

Final kilometres below – and full stage video here

Stage 2 photo gallery and full results.


European Junior & u23 Road Championships

Highlights of the time trials, with interviews with u23  winner Mieke Kröger and junior winner Agnieszka Skalniak.

Photo galleries from the Junior ITT and the u23 ITTRace report and results from the Junior women’s ITT and race report and results from the u23 women’s ITT.

Highlights of the road races, with winner Katarzyna Niewiadoma and junior winner Nadia Quagliotto.

Photo galleries, race report and results from the Junior Road Race and photos, race report and results from the u23 Road Race.

Photos from all the races on the European Cycling Union’s website.

Wondering why no British riders at Euros?  So are we

This happens every year, and I know for a fact that in previous years a team asked British Cycling if they could take riders and fund a team, and were told no.  Why do British Cycling send juniors and u23s to the Track Euros but not roads?  I will never know.  Some people say it’s because funding is linked to Olympic medals – but that doesn’t make sense as an excuse because a) that’s the same for pretty much every cycling Federation, b) giving young riders the chance to race against the best in their age group, learn about big race nerves, etc, might not help Rio, but could lead to Tokyo medals, c) the u23 winner gets an automatic, extra spot at Road Worlds – so again, the chance to learn about racing at Olympic level and d) it’s a showcase for riders to catch the eye of pro teams, and have the chance to race and develop at the top levels….  I genuinely don’t understand this, and I’m gutted for the young British juniors and u23s who’ll never have had these chances.


2015 Windham MTB World Cup

As always, there is so much brilliant media from the MTB World Cup, and gorgeous things to look at


Something amazing from every day:

And then it was the finals….

Full race replay and Photos and results, with winning run video on Red Bull Bike.

My very favourite kind of bike video (OMG by miles) is when Red Bull Bike puts together the Go Pro from Manon Carpenter and Rachel Atherton next to each other, to compare & contrast.  Last year it was all Manon winning – here’s their Windham, and Rachel, WOW!


Cross County

Video preview of the course with Lea Davison on Red Bull Bike


Full race replay and photos on Red Bull Bike

Post-race video interview with Emily Batty and Multivan-Merida post-race video


Want to see video profiles of some of the bikes the stars are on?  Manon Carpenter’s Saracen Myst for DH, and Jolanda Neff’s Stöckli Beryll, for the XCo side.

Of course, if you have more things you’ve liked, please do share them here or on twitter.


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