La Course by Le Tour de France 2015 – videos, photos and more!

So, La Course by Le Tour de France – the women’s race around the Champs Elysées, and one of the many reasons I love the women’s peloton is they fought all the way round, despite the rain, despite the utter carnage of all the crashes on the slippery cobbles – but especially, that they don’t believe in following the scripts.  Champs Elysées is all about racing together and a bunch sprint?  Not the way the women race!  So exciting, right up to the line, and here’s my collection of videos, photos, race reports, tweets and much more.

But before I start, here’s why I love it most.  For years, people would tell me how their daughters would ask them why girls can’t race the Tour de France, and while they’ve got a long way to go before we’re back to the women’s TdF of the 1980s and 90s, little girls of 2015 will never think that women can’t sprint on the Champs.  That’s marvellous, and while of course I want to fight for more, it’s something to celebrate right now!

So let’s start with video. Three minute clip of the finish from ITV Cycling (could be geo-restricted to UK)- 12 minutes from SBS Cycling Central (note, their videos sometimes only last for a month) and more highlights from Le Tour:

Highlights geo-restricted to the USA,

And this is geo-restricted to Belgium, but I’m sure you can deal with that by now – an hour of footage from, seen via Matrix Procycling.    And what was it like from a rider’s point of view?  Here’s Vera Koedooder‘s bike-cam… or should that be attack-cam?  Scary to see the crashing from this angle…

There’ll be more to follow (to go with everything below!), but if you see video – especially of the full race – please do let me know in the comments and on twitter.


1.   Anna van der Breggen (Ned) Rabo-Liv, 2:05:01
2.   Jolien D’hoore (Bel) Wiggle Honda, + 00:01
3.   Amy Pieters (Ned) Liv-Plantur, s.t.
4.   Lizzie Armitstead (GBr) Boels Dolmans, s.t.
5.   Lotta Lepistö (Fin) Bigla, s.t.
6.   Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Velocio-SRAM, s.t.
7.   Emma Johansson (Swe) ORICA-AIS, s.t
8.   Lucinda Brand (Ned) Rabo-Liv, s.t.
9.   Kirsten Wild (Ned) Hitec Products, s.t.
10. Christine Majerus (Lux) Boels-Dolmans, s.t

Full results

Video interview with Anna van der Breggen just after her win, on ITV Cycling.  And highlights, geo-restricted to the Netherlands, on and interview with her afterwards.  Video clip geo-restricted to Belgium, and a little interview with her after the race by Felix Matthis:

Here’s the Wiggle Honda video, with D’hoore & the team’s reaction to her second place:

Post-race video interview with D’hoore on Sporza (may be geo-restricted) (If you’re frustrated with geo-restrictions, try adding something like Tunnelbear, set yourself to the country and try again – but at your own risk of course, and turn off your Tunnelbear as soon as the video starts playing)

Check out how close D’hoore came to Van der Breggen, on the photo-finish picture, on the La Course site.

Audio interviews on the ITV TdF podcast.

More videos!  Alberto Celani‘s great point of view!

Race report on Ella Cycling Tips,

Photo galleries from Balint Hamvas on and Velofocus – love them both, especially Balint’s pre-race photos, there’s something about how they both make me want to be there.  More photos from Rapha, Bigla, Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies, Matrix Procycling, Liv-Plantur, Rabo-Liv, and  photos and report on Cyclingnews,

My very favourite video is Marianne Vos’ reaction on ITV4 – adorable!

Vos was also asked about her injuries and the state of women’s cycling right now – watch here.   More video clips from ITV Cycling – Lizzie Armitstead on coming fourth on and Hannah Barnes on the ‘crazy’ conditions.  What did the Aussies think of the race?  Video from SBS Cycling Central with Melissa Hoskins, Gracie Elvin, Lizzie Williams, Amanda Spratt and a little bit of Emma Johansson – then Tiffany Cromwell

SO many crashes…  If you like video of crashes (I hate it but I’m squeamish) here’s a compilation from SBS Cycling Central.

Race reports on Rabo-Liv, Wiggle Honda, Liv-Plantur, Boels Dolmans, Bigla, ORICA-AIS (with photos!), UnitedHealthcare, and a Matrix Procycling sponsors’-eye-view part 1 and part 2.

Videos from Rabo-Liv- preparation with Lucinda Brand, and the team presentation.  Video from ORICA – the men at the last day of the TdF, and the women at La Course – and video from Voxwomen:

Rider reactions

(and here’s what Tayler and the team looked like at that moment in Balint’s photo!)


8 thoughts on “La Course by Le Tour de France 2015 – videos, photos and more!

    • I haven’t seen any updates yet – all I know is Ellen van Dijk is definitely out with a broken collarbone 😦 – I’ll look properly tomorrow and let you know

  1. The ladies battled hard on the slippery cobblestones while the male TDF riders coasted safely to the finish. I think the prize money should be reversed. 🚵

    • What you saw was the difference between the risks taken on a high profile single day race opposed to those taken on a largely processional final day stage of a tough 3 week stage race, no one wants to not finish due to a crash having made it to within 100miles of the end. Even though I suspect that in an equivalent setting the women would still give a more aggressive race in these circumstances we are comparing apples & oranges.

      You did see the regard the women’s performance was held by the male riders as most of the riders I saw interviewed were mentioning La Course and the dangers that were shown by the crashes on the wet cobbles and how that changed the approach of the mens peloton to their loops of the circuit. The attacks happened much later than normal, either they were waiting for it to dry out a bit (as it stopped raining by the time the men arrived) to lessen the risks or having seen a late attack succeed they all thought they might actually win this time so delayed launching attacks until much later in the stage in the hope of actually getting in the one that worked (rather than just going off the front to get on the TV knowing you are going to get caught in a bit), either way we saw much less attacks on the Champs that you normally see which helped make the women’s race seem even more exciting than it normally would look in comparison.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I’m on the lookout for full video. Saw the finish in Sigma Sport yesterday on a eurosport feed of what looked like the full race so it may be that they have rights over the complete footage.

    • If you have Eurosport player you can download it – but I’ve just added in the full Belgian hour to the post (geo-restricted, damn)

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