Podcast 2015 Episode 18 – Post Giro Blues

Podcast logoThe Giro Rosa 2015 is over (booooo!) but it was great (yayyyyy!) so Sarah and Dan have heaps to talk about this week. Mountains, time trials, climbs, breaks, chases, GC remixes and stories. They cover all ups and downs, their highlights and favourites, the best parts of the Giro Rosa 2015. Also, they crack wise and crack themselves up! (51:20 MIN / 49.29 MB)

Things we talked about this week

The Giro Rosa!!!!!


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Other racing last week….

Tour de Feminin – Bohemian Switzerland Prize (Cezch Republic)

Video clips from Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3

All the results


White Spot/Delta Road Race

The FULL race:



Upcoming racing

Tour Féminin de Bretagne, 16-19th July, France

Thüringen Rundfahrt, 17-23rd July, Germany – follow live with the ticker (if that doesn’t load automatically, check it out on RadSport-news.com)

BeNe Ladies Tour, 17-19th July, Belgium & the Netherlands – follow on facebook and twitter, and with the #BNLT15 hashtag


2 thoughts on “Podcast 2015 Episode 18 – Post Giro Blues

  1. Dan makes quite an interesting point with Rabo in the first part of the race being not as noticible I guess?
    I was looking at that, and at Boels, and I was thinking at the time that Boels might be bleeding themselfs empty trying to hang on to a rather small margin for pink.
    In a stage race, the energy you spent, you can’t get back, so over multiple days, if you spend more energy than a rival team of the same strenght, that team is likely to put the screws on you later on.
    That first stage that Lucinda won is a good example.
    Lucinda was in the break, not working, and Rabo in the peloton didn’t have to work as they had Lucinda in the break and they didn’t have the pink jersey.
    So even though there was a GC threat in that group (Lichtenberg), Rabo didn’t have to solve the problem, Boels did.
    That day was also very hot, Anna said that while Boels was doing all the hard work, Rabo was doing nothing in the bunch but drinking lots of water.
    Boels was defending the pink for 5 days.
    In those 5 days, they spend a lot of energy chasing and controlling the race for the pink jersey, so while it was good to see, I don’t know if it was the best strategy in the end.
    When Anna took pink in the ITT, Boels couldn’t really do anything about it anymore in the last stage, at that point they had already spend most of their energy trying to keep that pink jersey.
    It worked for Rabo last year as they where so dominant, but this year, the top teams aren’t really far apart in strenght, so spending more energy than a rival team in a long stage race has a good chance of coming back to you later on.

    • I do think Boels were taking the only option they had with this course – looking at the route, there’s the stage Mara should win, with a question of how much by, and the knowledge Anna was super-good on that climb, AND can ITT. So for Megan and Evie to win, they had to do it Vos-style, trying to get into the breaks, trying to get the bonification seconds, and hope that their GC riders didn’t lose too much time on the ITT and San Domenico – and of course, if, I dunno, AvdB had had a puncture on one stage, that could really have worked, but apart from poor Roxane Knetemann’s last day crash, Rabo had all the luck on their side. (Poor Wiggle had the worst luck – I do wonder how different Elisa’s race would have been if Audrey Cordon hadn’t been injured – and Anna Sanchis & Jolien D’hoore too of course, but ELB & Cordon together are such a brilliant pair)

      Looking back on the race, the places teams tried (and succeeded!) in dropping GC riders was Stage 2 and then 7-9… which Boels tried to get rid of rivals, but of course AvdB wasn’t having any of that. Fascinating.

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