Two LIVE cycling World Cups this weekend – the 2015 Fort William downhill MTB & Philadelphia Classic on the road

Sunday 7th June is going to be fantastic for women’s cycling fans, with two explosive, beautiful races, at the highest level of road and downhill MTB – the Fort William DH World Cup in Scotland, and in the USA, round 6 of the 2015 women’s road World Cup, the Philadelphia Classic, and best of all?  They’re LIVE!

Fort William MTB World Cup, 6-7 May 2015

The elite finals are on Sunday 7th, and the wonderful Red Bull Bike are streaming the women’s and men’s races here on Red Bull TV, from 2.30pm UK BST (15:30 Euro CEST, 9:30am N American EDT; 11:3opm Australian AEST).  If you’re new to MTB, it’s the perfect introduction, Rob Warner‘s commentary combines an encyclopaedic (& first hand!) knowledge with infectious enthusiasm for the sport, it’s very easy to pick up and in the most fantastic scenery.   If you miss it live, you can watch the archive there too, and there are lots of ways to follow the action of the practice and qualifications too.

Firstly, there’s the race website, twitter and facebook – they’re super-friendly and very enthusiastic, so follow them now.  The UCI MTB twitter also posts lots throughout the competition, and there’s more via the #FWWorldCup hashtag.

Red Bull Bike and Dirt MTB always have some great World Cup content, like these previews from RBB and from Dirt – and of course you HAVE to watch Claudio Caluori’s GoPro course preview with the amazing World Champion Manon Carpenter, it shows you exactly what the riders will be facing, and if you want more like that, here’s my collection of videos, photos and more from last year’s Fort William women’s racing.  What else?  You can win the bike young superstar Tahnée Seagrave will race on, AND help fight breast cancer, through #Copparide, and if you want to know how one of the top favourites is approaching the World Cup, here’s Rachel Atherton talking about her new approach for 2015:


Philadelphia Cycling Classic, 7th June 2015

For a very different kind of racing, but one that’s equally exhilarating, we head over to Philadelphia, for a race that’s been around for a long time, and this year is part of the Road World Cup for the very first time since 2001, when it was the Liberty Classic, and the last time the World Cup was in the USA.

This race is wonderful for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the climb on each lap, the Manayunk Wall, a climb the race organisers hunted out and named, and have made legendary in USA cycling.  The course was fun when the climb was in the middle of the lap, giving sprinters the chance to recover for the finish, but I have to admit, I love the race even more now it’s at the end, for that gorgeous hell-for-leather uphill finish.  But best of all?  We can watch this race live!

The livestream is here on the race website, and the women’s race starts at 12:30pm N American EDT (9:30am PDT; 5:30pm UK BST; 18:30 Euro CEST; 2:30am Monday Aussie AEST).  And if you can’t watch live, follow along on twitter with the race, the UCI women’s cycling account, the #PhillyBikeRace hashtag, and my twitter list of livetweeters.

Want to know more about what the race is like? Information on the race website and facebook, previews on Velofocus, Bigla and Velocio-SRAM, and there’s video from last year’s race on my Total Women’s Cycling article.


If you see more about any of these two races, tell me in the comments, or on twitter, because I’ll be updating this article right up until the races start – and as always, I’ll share links to anything I see after they’re done here and on my tumblr.  There’ll be highlights videos on the UCI youtube, so keep an eye out there too.  I can’t wait, this is going to be the most fantastic day!

I’m funded to do things like share information on how to watch racing live by my wonderful Patreon supporters, who are so kind and generous – thank you so much!


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