How to follow the 2015 women’s Amgen Tour of California, LIVE!

8th-10th May 2015

So this year women’s cycling fans have got what we’ve wanted – a proper women’s Tour of California.  Yes, it precedes the men’s race, and yes, it’s not same-day-same-course, but it’s a great step, and fantastic that it’s part of the North American UCI season, and we can follow it!

No live tv, but VoxWomen will be out there making videos and covering the race, so follow their youtube and twitterHere’s their video preview of Stage 1 UPDATE! and Stage 2.  And there’s be tv highlights on NBC on 14th May – here’s the tv schedule for the men’s and women’s races.

So while there’s no video, we’ll have live updates from the fabulous Clara Beard on Tour Tracker.  Search for Tour Tracker Amgen Tour of California in the Apple/Android etc app store, or find them on the Tour Tracker AToC site.

UPDATE!  Lovely twitterer Stephen Jayanathan has been Periscope-ing the finishes, so follow his twitter for the nearest thing to live video!

And of course there’s twitter.  The AToC has a twitter, and they’re using the #AmgenToC10th hashtag for the men’s race UPDATE! and they’re livetweeting from #AmgenToCwomen for the women, though it seems like everyone else has just made up their own #, so it might be easier to use my twitter list.  Watch out especially for the Velocio-SRAM twitter, as Tiffany Cromwell‘s live-tweeting too!

For more information about the race, there’s the women’s race portal of the website, with race guidestartlist and all the links to their social media – especially their Youtube, for highlights.  And of course Velofocus has a preview.  Make sure you check out the post-race wrap-ups from Cycling Tips Ella.

California time is North American PDT, so 3 hours behind EDT, 8 hours behind British BST, 9 hours behind Euro CEST and 17 hours behind Australian time.  So when Stage 1 starts at 11am PST on Friday 8th May, that’s 2pm EST, 7pm BST, 20:00 CEST and 4am on Saturday AEST (the stage is 4 hours long).  Of course, I’ll post any videos of the racing after it’s over, and if you have more links to share, please put them in the comments.

they still have that “invitational” ITT that has inexplicably got UCI


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