How to watch the 2015 Lourdes Downhill MTB World Cup LIVE!

Oh MTB!  I won’t be able to watch the first DH World Cup live (boo!) but I hope you will – and if you can’t either, don’t worry, we can all watch it later.  I say this a lot, but MTB media makes it so, SO easy to follow and fall in love with the races, and the best example of this in my mind is everything Red Bull does.  Here, for example, is their Lourdes course preview with Claudio Caluori and Loïc Bruni, but the really great thing is their live race coverage, which, for Lourdes, is on Sunday April 10th from 13:30 European CEST (12:30pm UK BST; 7:30am N American EDT; 9:30pm Australian AEDT) – watch it here, and if you miss it, click the same link to see the replay.  It’s the women’s then the men’s, and if you’ve never seen downhill before, prepare for an adrenaline rush, but don’t worry, they’ll explain everything that happens!

There’s always a ton of other great media around the races, and I always start with Dirt MTB and PinkBike (here’s their Lourdes trackwalk photo gallery, for example) and of course Red Bull Bike.  I’ll post things I see next week, if you like that kind of thing, but in the meantime, let’s just take a moment and imagine how brutal and beautiful Lourdes will be….


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