Podcast 2015 Episode 8 – Cobbles (and the cobbly cobblers who cobble them)

Podcast logoHi team, it’s been a big week of cobbles and racing so we give a big recap to the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the kind of recap a monument deserves. We also cover GP Dottignies and Sarah has some exciting news about the Energiewacht Tour. There’s plenty of blogs and videos to check out below as well. Along with some Mountain Bike inspiration and a modest amount of bickering. Basically everything you want in a podcast, all in one neat package. (1:03:44 MIN / 61.19 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

All the photos and videos from the Ronde van Vlaanderen

GP Dottignies

Photos from the GP Dottignies from Velofocus and the Lotto Cycling Cup – and full results.


For those who prefer their cycling a bit more dirty…


We loved this quote from Aussie Downhill star Tracey Hannah, writing on Pinkbike:

There’s more to life than worrying if you’re skinny enough, beautiful enough or good enough. I know that deep down inside most girls lies a heart for adventure that is shut out by what we “should” do or who we “should” be. When you spend your time trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, sport is completely out of the question, and thoughts arise like “I don’t want to get dirty, sweaty, and I don’t want to look like a tom­boy,” or simply, “I don’t want to be ugly.”

It’s scary to ride a bike, to come into a sport that is considered extreme and male dominated. Tapping into an industry that is run off testosterone is extremely hard. The benefits of getting out on a bike far outweigh never having the courage to try. Working up the bravery it takes to pedal for the first time is one of the many challenges that will change your life. Building confidence to get out and ride those trails that once seemed impossible and ridiculous is no easy task. Once you overcome the fear that was holding you back you will find a freedom that comes with getting better and better. Being fit and healthy at the gym is great but combine adventure with that and it will change your lifestyle.

More MTB joy:  Anneke Beerten and Anne-Caro Chausson at Crankworx Rorotua

and more Enduro riders – Cécile Ravanel and the Commençal Vallnord team


Upcoming races

Sarah will be at the Energiewacht Tour this week!  The race runs 8th-12th April – follow all the action LIVE! on Podium.tv and through the race twitter and facebook.  Preview on Velorooms and to come on Velofocus.

And the first MTB World Cup of the 2015 season is on 12th April – Downhill World Cup #1 in Lourdes.  You can watch live on Red Bull tv, and here’s a video preview of the course. And here’s the UCI season teaser


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