Will the women’s Strade Bianche be shown on tv? Even if it isn’t, we can follow it live!

I am so excited about this race!  It’s the first race RCS are putting on for women, and the men’s race may be relatively new, but it’s very definitely Classic! It’s not just me – here’s ORICA’s Gracie Elvin video-diary about Le Samyn des Dames and previewing Strade Bianche and Vale Scandolara and friends showing us the course

I can’t write about this coherently, because I want to just squeal with excitement….. But, that’s not answering the question…

So all week people have been asking me if the women’s Strade Bianche will be shown on tv.  Well, definitely not, live, BUT we should get highlights, and be able to follow the race live.  Let me tell you how…

The reason it’s not live is because the men’s race is on at the same time.  That’s fair enough.  But because the broadcaster is Italian TV station RAI Sport 2, I am hopeful about highlights.  RAI have a really good track record of showing us women’s races – live, when it’s the Trofeo Alfredo Binda World Cup and Italian National Championships, delayed hour-long highlights for the Giro Rosa, and the women’s Giro dell’Emilia had a half-hour package.  They’re fabulous!  And they get great commentators who know the women’s sport.

So I’m hopeful for highlights – maybe shown directly after the men’s race, and maybe a little bit at the start.  Don’t quote me, it’s not a promise, but it’s more likely than the other Spring Classics.

So how can you follow the race live? As usual, twitter comes to our rescue.  The race has a twitter, and I curate a twitter list which I update for each race, including as it happens, to give the best sources I can.

The race will start early, at 09:00 European CET (8am UK GMT; 3am North American EST & midnight PST; 7pm Australian AEDT) so they men and women won’t be on the course at the same time, and it’s due to finish just under 3 hours later between 11:42 & 12:02 CET.   The route, startlist, international tv and stream schedule and more information is all on the excellent website.  Seriously, RCS do this SO well, but if you want more, there are great previews on Podium Café and Velofocus.  I’ll be talking through the race on Podium Café and twitter – and of course, any videos and photos I see, I’ll add to the blog after the race is over.

If you want streams or feeds of the men’s race, I’d load up Hola or Tunnelbear to Italy and watch live on RAI – or you can go here, here, or here.  Keep an eye on the RAI Sport 2 schedule, which is here if you scroll down to the icon on the left, just in case there’ll be highlights – and of course, to see how riders are preparing, check out my rider twitter list.  I hope they all love it, I hope it’s as wonderful as we hope!

UPDATE!  Here’s Voxwomen’s interview with Tiffany Cromwell about the race



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