How to watch Sarah Storey’s Hour Record LIVE! and follow the 2015 Omloop het Nieuwsblad live-ish

Wow, what a packed Saturday!  The Omloop het Nieuwsblad is the first race of the European road cycling season, and the first of the Spring Classics (cobbles! sharp climbs! crowds of fans! appalling weather!) – and at the same time, Dame Sarah Storey is the first woman to attempt the Hour Record under the UCI’s latest set of rules.  Let’s start with the best news – you can watch that LIVE!

She’s attempting it at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London, as part of the Revolution Series on Saturday 28th February and the stream starts at 2:50pm GMT (15:50 Europe CET; 1:50 in the morning Australian AEDT; 9:50am North American EST).  Read more about her attempt here, and if you want to watch the rest of the Revolution afterwards, it’ll stream live on Youtube.

Dame Sarah Storey is the most incredible Paralympian, who started off swimming before ear infections took her out of the pool and onto the bike.  She was 3rd in last year’s able-bodied ITT National Championships, and she races on the UK roads with the team she and her husband Barney run, Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International.  There are a ton of articles out there about her this week  – start with the BBC’s video and the Guardian, and of course, check out her site and follow her twitter and her team twitterUPDATE! And Roadcc have a video too – and check out her bike on Road Cycling UK.


Omloop het Niewsblad

So, slightly less good news – no tv of the women’s OhN.  BUT! there never was going to be, so it’s basically the same as it ever was.  And twitter is our friend, because we can follow the race as it happens.  I have my live twitter racing list, which I update each race with the best sources of info from the ground (so refresh it every now and then as I’ll add during the race).

The race has the route and the timetable on their site.  It starts at 11:20 CET (10:20am GMT; 9:20pm Aussie AEDT; 5:20am N American EST) and is due to finish between 14:40 & 15:03 CET.  It’s possible we could see the finish live on the Sporza broadcast of the men’s race (but don’t hold your breath), and they usually show highlights after the men’s race – for streams, I’ll be looking here, here and here, or you can add Hola or Tunnelbear, set yourself to Belgium, and try the stream directly.

There’s the usual excellent preview on Podium Café and on Velofocus, and the race has a twitter too.  I’ll be looking on Sporza’s videozone and Focus|WTV, and as always I’ll put up any clips I see here after the race.  As always, I’ll be chatting about the race on twitter, and maybe on Podium Café too.

Want to know how OhN fits into the women’s season?  Dan and I podcasted about the 2015 races in our introduction to women’s cycling and we talk about everything we’re excited about.

I’m funded to do this kind of thing by my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much, I really appreciate you!



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