How to watch the 2015 Track Cycling World Championships – LIVE!

The 2015 Track World Championships are very important, as we’re definitely in the zone for preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and riders need the points to qualify.  This year the competition runs from 18th-22nd February, in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines, France.  And as well as the fabulous racing, we should get some really great coverage, including, for the first time ever, on-bike camera action…

I’ll tell you all about how to watch the racing, and when it’s not being streamed, how to follow all the action, as well as how to find more background information on riders, teams and more.

So, how can we watch live?

Start with the UCI’s official tv guide, which tells you if there’ll be live tv or streaming in your country and when.  If you don’t have tv, you should be able to see the UCI’s own feeds of the evening sessions – click the links to get to the UCI youtube live pages, which will also be the place to see the full replays.

You can check out if you’ll be able to watch those by clicking through now – if there’s a countdown screen, you’ll be able to see when they start in your timezone, as well as confirm you’re ok.  If you get the black geo-restricted screen, then you might need to install something like Hola or Tunnelbear and set yourself to somewhere like Spain or Switzerland and try again.  Of course you can use this to get to other countries web feeds (eg set to UK and try the BBC which will be here) (Top tip:  if you use the free Tunnelbear, turn it off as soon as the stream’s running to save your allocation)

How to follow the racing when there’s no streaming

So that’s the evening sessions – what about the morning qualifying races?  Well, first of all, check out the competition programme (times in Euro CET), which tells you what’s on when.

So the first place to start is Tissot Timing‘s live timing app that updates pretty much as things happens, and the results will be on their race page as soon as possible.  Anything in red has already been raced and updated – white means there’s nothing there yet.  So if you want the final startlists, this is where you go.

Then, as always, there’s twitter.  The #TrackWorlds hashtag is the aggregate UPDATE! and then there’s #SQY15 which the UCI is pushing, the race twitter and the UCI Track account.

I really love Guy Swarbrick’s commentweeting from the from the @trackcycling account, and there will be race previews and the usual great reports on the Track Cycling website.   After the London Track World Cup round, I interviewed Guy about what it’s like to work at the World Cups as a photographer & tweeter, and more, and you can listen to that, and watch a video of him working here.

British Cycling, the Belgian Cycling Team, Cycling Canada, USA Cycling and Cycling Australia are very good at country-specific information, and BC and CA will have reports and photos on their websites – Cycling Australia’s track portal and British Cycling’s Track portal.   As usual, you can follow the women racing through my  twitter list of track cycling women here.

I’ll be putting videos and photos and things like that on my tumblr throughout the competition – head over here.

More competition information

There’s so much more!  Check out the UCI’s Track Worlds portal, with tons of information, rules, startlists etc, and of course the competition website and French Federation facebook.

Pre-Worlds Videos

Want to get into the mood before the racing starts?  There are some great video interviews out there already – Cycling Australia‘s daily training recaps from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and their latest “In The Starting Gate” interview with Rebecca Wiasak.  Check out their Youtube for more, including their #TrackWorlds playlist.

British Cycling always have lots of videos on their Youtube too – recent ones include Elinor Barker talking about racing the 4km pursuit and this one with Laura Trott talking about taking on Sarah Hammer in the omnium.

There are video interviews with Colombian cyclists on the Revisto Mundo Ciclistico youtube, including this one with Marta Bayona:

and interviews by the Italian Cycling Federation on their YT. and by Canadian Cyclist on theirs.  Check all these accounts, that twitter hashtag, and of course the UCI YT, for more throughout the competition.

UPDATE!  Aussie rider Nettie Edmondson is putting up video diaries 0n her Youtube!


If there’s anything I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments, or on twitter.  If you have any questions, please do ask me there too – and I’ll put up links to any videos, photos and information I find as we go.


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      • It could also be issues with Hola on my ‘poster… in any case, really enjoyed the highlights-videos, thanks for posting them!

        On a different subject – a lot going on with me recently (gigs, work, elderly dad in declining health) so I probably will not be doing VDS this year, best of luck to all!

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