Shirt week! How to buy 2015 women’s team kits

I do love my traditions, and one of them is running an early season voting thread to see which of the women’s top-tier pro team kits people like best.  This is what people thought last year, and I’ve just launched the 2015 peloton version here on Podium Café – click through and vote!  UPDATE!  And by popular demand, the voting post for the “best of the rest”! The posts are full of photos and videos of team launches and the kits in action, and the comments section has more kits people love (or don’t!) – but what if you want to wear some of the top tier 2015 women’s cycling team kits?  Well, here’s the simple guide to what’s available and how to buy it. Obviously it’s not all the teams, but if more teams open shops, I’ll definitely let you know.

(Want to buy 2014 kits?  I have posts about the Euro pro peloton, USA teams and UK kits)


No team shop yet, but if you want this kit, they say it’ll be available soon – maybe sign up to their newsletter so you’ll see as soon as it’s up.


Matrix Procycling

They’re a UCI team for the the first time this year, and while their first batch of pre-order kits have already sold out, they’ll be re-opening the ordering in March.  If you want a closer look, check out the jersey and bibshorts on Milltag.


Michela Fanini Rox

It’s definitely a small Italian team kit, with tons of logos, but over on their shop you can buy all kinds of iterations, including World Champion’s version (Tatiana Guderzo did start the 2009 season with them, but left halfway through the season and was with Gauss when she won the rainbow jersey that year), Giro Toscana maglia rosa (the team and the race have the same management), and more, including former team bikes.


Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies

I do love this kit – like last year’s but pared down and made more minimalist.  And the team shop doesn’t just have women’s and men’s kit (and in different specifications too) but also a team hoody, thermal jacket, cap and beanie too.



So, you still can’t buy the women’s team kit, but there’s GreenEDGE branded fan clothing, and a page full of accessories, including their branded inflatable guitar….



If you’ve ever wanted to look like Marianne Vos, now’s your chance! The kit is Dutch-orange, with the graphic of riders passing a bidon to each other symbolising their team ethos…  and the jersey’s for sale on the GSG site.  They they have a comprehensive sizing guide, and although the site’s in Dutch, it’s google-translate-able.  If you’d rather look like the old-school Vos, you can also buy the 2011 Nederland Bloeit kit too, at knock-down prices (sadly not the one with teeny-tiny cows and tractors) and the 2013 kit at a much higher price.



It’s the same blue-and-white kit as last year, and their shop sells the clothing (in unisex size) and socks, as well as posters and rider cards.



With team owner/manager Kristy Scrymgeour‘s own clothing brand, the title sponsor, it’s not surprising we can buy the kit.  There are different portals (and designs) for women and men, and the shop includes team kit, as well as the t-shirts in grey and black (in cuts designed for men and women) that you can see the riders wearing in their team profile photos. (Tons more cycling clothing on the Velocio site too)


Wiggle Honda

Finally, of course you can buy this team’s kit, as their major sponsor is the huge online bike store, Wiggle.  There are all the different kit iterations in the official team shop, for women and men, with branded clothing including different kinds of jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shorts and so much more.


Seen any more 2015 kits you’d like to share?  Leave me a comment below, or tell me on twitter, and I’ll put up another post very soon.  And of course, I’ll be back with more team kits as they appear throughout the year.


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