How to watch the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar Live! Or at least, we hope…

So the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar starts tomorrow and runs 3rd-6th February, and this post is a bit of a leap of faith, because while Marty MacDonald and Ottilie Quince are telling us they’ll be commentating live, on BeIn Sports, it’s not showing up on any tv guide, so we have no idea of the channel or the time or anything like that.  I’ll update this tomorrow after Stage 1 with more information when presumably something will have happened, but tonight this is the slightly depressed hopeful guide…

It’s not all bad news though – this is exactly what happened last year, and we ended up with around half an hour of each stage streamed live, with a ton of streams to help us watch.  So here’s my guess on what to do.  But first, 2 very different, but both fun pre-race videos, from Vale Scandolara and ORICA-AIS, and from Wiggle Honda:

It’s apparently being streamed on BeIn, and the good news is that because they usually show football, there are always 100 feeds.  The best current guess from twitter is BeIn 9, and Cyclingfans has a page set up where they’ll put streams if they find them – you may need a VPN service like Hola set to the Emirates to see the links, but in the past, there have been a lot of feeds.  If I wasn’t at work tomorrow (bah!), I’d look on Podium Café as there’ll be a livethread, and people are very good at sharing their streams in the comments.  You can always check the BeIn schedules on the day and then google eg “BeIn Channel 9” (or whatever) and streams should appear.

So that’s where, what about when?  Qatar is 3 hours ahead of UK GMT, 2 ahead of European CET, 8 hours ahead of USA EST and 8 hours behind Aussie AEDT.  So Stage 1 starts at 13:45 in Qatar, which is 10:45 am GMT, 11:45 CET, 5:45am EST and 9:45pm AEDT, and they’re predicting it finishes between 16:17 and 16:32.  If they’re showing the last half hour, maybe the feed will start around 1.20pm GMT (14:20 CET/8.20am EST/12:20am AEDT)?  Don’t quote me on that though!

UPDATE!  USA types, check this out:

If you can’t watch live, you can follow on twitter.  The race twitter might be updating, and hopefully people on my special twitter list for following races will be updating too.  And for all the photos of riders with camels etc, check out my twitter list of riders.

UPDATE!  There are highlights videos turning up on the race facebook page, and daily videos on Youtube from Gracie Elvin and Wiggle Honda (click those links!) and while the race is on, I’ll be putting everything I find on my twitter and Tumblr.  There’s also a great photo gallery from Stage 1 from Peloton Magazine – maybe they’ll have more?

There is tons of information about the race on the great race website, and more on their facebook, including the startlist (or in another format with the jerseys).  There are race previews on Velofocus and Velorooms, and if you’ve never seen the race before, you might be forgiven for thinking “why would I WANT to watch this?  It’s flatter than a pancake, and there are some stages with only 5 corners!” but this is one of those quintessential women’s cycling races.  It’s ALL about using the wind, and while the stages are very flat, the last few years have seen riders attacking, attacking, attacking and ATTACKING!  Check out the videos from 2013 and from 2014, they’re glorious, some of my favourite racing.  It really is Dutch-style racing in the desert.

So I’ll update this on Tuesday night once we have more information – and as always, I’ll put up a post with all the videos I find after the race.  If you find fun things you want to share, tell me on twitter or in the comments, I’d love to see it.


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