How to watch the 2015 Cyclocross World Championships – LIVE!

It’s Worlds time!  It’s so tempting to point to global warming for why we’ve had a lack of snow and ice races in recent seasons, but with Worlds in Tábor, the Czech Republic, we’re going to have at least one frozen Worlds.  And hooray for the UCI, because of their sterling job of promoting CX, we’ll get to see the racing live!  I’ll tell you how to watch it, and point you at interesting resources.  There’s bad and good news about that – lots of tv, but not necessarily live…  but you know me, I’ll always find you ways round that!

Let’s start with Eva Lechner‘s course preview

Here’s the Worlds programme:

  • Saturday 31st January, 11:00 European CET (10am UK GMT; 5am USA EST; 9pm Aus AEDT):  Junior Menlive UCI stream
  • Saturday 31st January, 14:00 CET (1pm GMT; 8am EST; midnight AEDT): Elite womenlive UCI stream
  • Sunday 1st February,  11:00 CET: U23 Menlive UCI stream
  • Sunday 1st February, 14:00 CET:  Elite Menlive UCI stream

If you click through and it says the stream is blocked, check out the UCI’s tv guide, because you might be able to watch it live locally.

Now, if you can’t….  solutions!  First, try a VPN service like Hola or Tunnelbear.  Add it, set yourself to somewhere like Bulgaria, Spain or Switzerland, and try again (If you use Tunnelbear, turn it off once your stream is going, to save your allocation).  Or if you’d rather find a feed of, say, the races in Flemish, there are our favourite streaming site.  I use these ones – try them on the day.

I’ll most likely be live-tweeting the race, and following along on the Podium Café livestream.  And if you want to follow the women on their Worlds journey, here’s my twitter list.

There’s more information on the UCI CX portal, including the competition guide, and of course on the Tábor Worlds website, with the course map and startlists.

And for some more specific information about the women’s race, I interviewed last year’s bronze medallist, Helen Wyman, on the course, her predictions, season in general and more, and you can read that on Podium Café, and Conor has a run down of big favourite, and World Cup series winner Sanne Cant‘s season there too. All our coverage, including previews, interviews, analysis and livestreams, will be in the storystream.

I have a short interview with reigning champion Marianne Vos, on Cyclingnews – they also have Helen’s pre-race blog already.  CN also have a gallery of the practice rides – and I’ll be eagerly checking out for Balint Hamvas’ pictures after the race.

If you have any questions at all, especially if you’re new to CX, or you want to share something awesome you’ve seen, leave me a comment below or ask me on twitter.  I love Worlds, and one of the best parts of it is sharing it with hard-core, brand-new or once-a-year fans alike, so if you want to chat Worlds, gimme a shout!  As always, I’ll pull together everything I’ve seen after the race, so if you miss it live, never fear, you can relive it later.  Ah, Worlds….  bring on the racing!


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