How to watch the 2015 Cali Track World Cup

The 2014/5 Track World Cup season is only three rounds long, and finishes this weekend in Cali, Colombia, running from 16th-18th January 2015.  It’s the last chance this season to get the points to get to Worlds, and it counts towards Olympic qualification, so it should be fast and furious racing.   There’ll be some limited live coverage, on Sunday, so I’m here to tell you how to watch that, and how I’ll be following it live-ish, the rest of the time.

First, television.  Here’s the UCI’s broadcast schedule, including streaming – and here’s their live feed for Sunday 18th January:

This will start at 4pm local COT time (same as USA EST; 9pm UK GMT; 20:00 European CET; 1pm USA PST; 8am Monday Australian AEDT) – it will be a mix of live streaming and highlights from the previous days’ racing.

Click on it now – if you can see a countdown, you’ll be able to see the stream – if not (eg if you’re in the USA), get something like Hola or Tunnelbear and set yourself to somewhere like the UK and try again (if you use TB, turn it off as soon as the stream’s running).

So, how can you follow the action before the livestream starts?

First, there’s the live timing. Tissot Timing has a live timing app that updates pretty much as it happens, and the results will be on their race page as soon as possible.  Anything in red has already been raced and updated – white means there’s nothing there yet.  So if you want the final startlists, this is where you go.

Then, as always, there’s twitter.  The Cali Track World Cup have a great twitter, and they seem to be using the #CaliTWC hashtag, and maybe #TrackWorldCup too. The race website has tons of information too – here’s their trailer for the competition:

Next, I really love Guy Swarbrick’s commentweeting from the from their @trackcycling account, and there will be race previews and the usual great reports on their website.   After the London round, I interviewed Guy about what it’s like to work at the World Cups as a photographer & tweeter, and more, and you can listen to that, and watch a video of him working here.

British Cycling, the Belgian Cycling Team and Cycling Australia are very good at country-specific information, and BC and CA have reports and photos on their websites – Cycling Australia’s track portal and British Cycling’s Track portal.  BC usually have some fun things  their youtube, like this pre-race interview with sprinter Jess Varnish

As usual, you can follow the women racing through my  twitter list of track cycling women here.

More information

The programme of events is over here – times are in COT/USA EST (5 hours behind UK GMT; 16 hours behind Aussie AEDT; 3 hours ahead of USA PST), and there’s a whole load of information about the competition on the UCI’s Track World Cup portal and their general track portal – and the current rankings (check out the women’s rankings via the menu on the right).

If there’s anything I’ve missed, please do tell me in the comments, or on twitter.  If you have any questions, please do ask me there too – and come back here after the weekend, and I’ll put links to any videos and photos I find.


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