Videos from the 2015 Australian (& Kiwi!) #RoadNats

Right now it’s the 2015 Australian National Road Championships – the #RoadNats – and we’re 2 races in, with just the road races to come on Saturday 10th January for the women and Sunday 11th January for the men.  But we have video already – here’s what’s happened so far – and I’ll update this post as I see more throughout the weekend.  The good news for Aussies is that there will be tv coverage (schedule here) – the bad news is that the women’s race isn’t shown live, and will only have v short highlights in the middle of the Aussie night, and not online….

Crit Champs

The Criterium Champs kick off the RoadNats, and because the road race course is always, always hilly, this is the only jersey the sprinters can get, so they go hard.  Hell, they’re Aussies, it’s always “go hard or go home”!

Here’s a video preview of the course, by Peta Mullens – and here’s 45 mins of tv highlights, with the u23, women’s and men’s races:

Or if you want a very short clip…

Full results here – and photos from the race on Peloton Café.

EDIT!  And another one – you’ll find out more about who made this below…


Individual Time Trial

Here’s the Peta Mullens course preview video, and a 45 minute video with all the women’s and men’s races

45 minutes coverage of all the ITTs

and the short highlights:

Shara Gillow’s audio interviews after winning – thanks Cycling Aus!

Full results – and photos to follow.


Women’s Road Race

If you want to see what they’ll be racing, here’s the video preview with Peta Mullens:

and there’s more course information on Cycling Australia’s website.  CA have been doing some truly fantastic work in the lead-up to the Champs, with video interviews with former champions, Gracie Elvin‘s training diaries, profiles of riders, features about the race, fans, town etc etc.  Check out their RoadNats portal, and their RoadNats playlist on Youtube or their video page on the portal.

The women’s race will be on Saturday 10th January from 1:30pm Australian AEDT (Saturday 2:30am UK GMT; 03:30 Euro CET; Friday 9:30pm USA EST & 6:30pm USA PST) – the best way to follow live will be via the #RoadNats hashtag on twitter.  The tv will be Aussie only, on Fox at 11.00pm-00.00am AEDT on Saturday and repeated on Sunday GEM at 1pm, and 00.12-01.20am AEDT Sunday on GEM (Channel 90).  The men’s is live on Sunday – details here.

The Road Race videos!

All those preview videos paid off!  Peta Mullens had showed her power in the Bay Crits last week, and today was in a two-woman move with Rach Neylan.  She describes the race in this Cycling Australia audio interview.  And here’s Rach’s post-race audio and Shara Gillow’s audio after winning bronze.

44 mins video of the women and the u23 men


Tiny video clip on SBS Cycling Central – Race report on Cycling Tips.

Here’s the ORICA-AIS Backstage Pass with Gracie Elvin talking about the attempt to defend her title

and Wiggle Honda’s video

I’ve said this before, but Peta Mullens is one of the most friendly riders you’ll ever met, and her dad, Russ, is this HUGE fan of the sport – I loved this video of Peta’s mum watching the result:

Tiffany Cromwell and ORICA DS Marv Barras debrief on the women’s race in this Cycling Tips video:


UPDATE!  It was also the New Zealand Road National Championships – and Jaime Nielsen won the ITT – here’s a news report.

Can you believe that Linda Villumsen has never won the National Road Race Champs before?  Here’s a video.


OK, this isn’t RoadNats, but it’s very exciting, and it’s Australian…  Rochelle Gilmore, owner-manager of Wiggle Honda, and a string of teams before that, has set up a brand new Aussie domestic team – the High5 Dream Team.  That roster looks amazing!  You can follow them on twitter, facebook and youtube, read their press release and watch their first video:


I’ll update this post with more videos after the races – and of course, if you see anything you’ve liked, let me know in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll edit it in!


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