Bay Crits 2015 – videos of the women’s racing

The New Year always starts with a bang in Australia, with fast & furious racing – the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic.  It’s 4 stages of crits held around Corio Bay and Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, sponsored by Mitchelton Wines (thanks Margaret!), and it’s the chance for new teams to show off, with international women sprint stars mixing it up with Aussie riders.  It’s wonderful!  Here’s what little video we’ve had so far – I’ll add in more as I see them, and I’ll tell you how to follow the last two stages after the videos…..

Stage 1

It’s the hotdog circuit – here’s some brief highlights by SBS Cycling Central (also here on youtube)

and Wiggle Honda‘s video from the day:

Now that’s a great start for brand-new signing Chloe Hosking!  Here’s the Wiggle race report – and for another view, here’s ORICA-AIS’ Gracie Elvin describing the stage:

And here’s the ORICA race report from the day.  Photos from Stage 1 on the race website, and on Peloton Café, and the Stage 1 results.

I podcast-interviewed Chloe just before Christmas, where she told me about the Bay Crits, moving to Wiggle and a lot more, so it was extra-fun to see all that work out for her!  If you want the background to her win, listen to that ‘cast over here.


Stage 2

Now, it’s crits, so it’s all about sprinting, right?  This is women’s cycling!  There are very short SBS Cycling Central highlights (also here on Youtube) but there’s more detail thanks to fans, so watch these instead… There were early attacks, and if you want to see the race for a spectator’s eye view, the wonderful Edward Lynch Bell (@FredMantis on twitter) has videos!  Starting with the line-up…

an early attack from Gracie Elvin, staying out solo as she crossed the line at lap 8, still out solo later on in the race, the situation at the bell lap, and then, the win!

Here’s the battle for second and third

and here’s Gracie talking about her race:

Here’s the ORICA report, and Wiggle’s video and report.

Full stage results on the race site.  Stage 2 photos on the race website and


Stage 3

I am so, so grateful to Ed Lynch-Bell for his videos, and am gutted both for him and us that he has to work for Stage 4 (bah races on Mondays!).  I’m not going to embed all his Stage 3 videos, but click through for the fan-eye-view…

Tiff Cromwell attacks in lap 2; at the end of lap 4, everyone’s still together; and on lap 5; Peta Mullens attacks hard on lap 6; more attacks on lap 10; Peta attacks again; and on lap 14 has a gap; here’s how it looked at the end of lap 15:

and here’s the finish:

Yay Peta!  She’s one of the friendliest riders out there, always smiling – it’s great to see her win, and in such a great, aggressive style.

If you want to see it from a different angle, here’s the very short Cycling Central video (it’s also on Youtube here)

Wiggle’s video:

Gracie’s take on the race (glad she wasn’t hurt)

Photos on Peloton Café and on the race website, and the full results.   Race reports from Wiggle Honda and ORICA-AIS.


Stage 4

I think the Wiggle Honda video is the best place to start today!  And their race report

The SBS highlights (and saved on youtube) and Gracie’s description of the race:

Full results, photos will be on the race website here.  Race reports from ORICA-AIS.


UPDATE!  Here’s Chloe Hosking talking about the race afterwards:


To follow live updates from the last two stages, the best way is the #BayCrits hashtag on twitter.  Cycling Australia and Cycling Victoria are good for tweets – and very short videos will turn up the next morning on SBS Cycling Central.  There’s information about the race, including the startlist, on the race website.

There’s an hour updates on Channel 9 (Gem) at midnight AEDT every night, and I hope it gets online somehow…

I’ll collect the other things I find in a post after the race – it’s bound to be hard-fought and furious all the way through, so make sure you don’t miss it!


5 thoughts on “Bay Crits 2015 – videos of the women’s racing

  1. Hello Sarah, many thanks for all your great work! Just a slight correction to the intro above; the Bay Crits are held around Corio Bay and Port Phillip. Mitchelton Wines are a major sponsor for Bay Crits

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