Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is that traditional time to look back at the year, and make plots and plans for the future – and in blogging terms, it’s always fun to remind myself what I’ve done.  So, some highlights from the blog, and things you may have missed from 2014.  I know it’s a bit self-indulgent, but hell, that’s what this time of year is for!

My most viewed posts of 2014

Unsurprisingly, the top 5 most-read posts were guides on how to watch live racing – in order, starting with the most views, how to watch La Course, the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships, the Friends Life Women’s Tour, the Commonwealth Games cycling and the Giro Rosa.  I put all my guides to watching racing in real life in my Live cycling section.  And if you, like me, are excited about the #WT2015, here’s their first video of the year:

The actual 4th place goes to a post I didn’t even write this year, but people keep finding (possibly through some of the more bizarre search terms):

How not to try to sell cycling clothing to women – and three companies who get it right

Number 6 on the list was another rant/rage-post: I am so sick of reading these stories, all about the frustration of reading  this article on La Bicicleta México, alleging Mexican riders on Estado de México-Faren weren’t paid, but to add insult to injury, also faced discrimination within the team and unacceptable treatment from team staff.  My heart-felt hope is that the UCI works out a process to support riders in 2015, so these stories become a thing of the past.

After that?  Shopping posts – lots of shopping posts!  Check out the Shopping section for gift guides, where you can buy team kit, cycling clothing for women who are XL and above, and a lot more – just check out the date they were written on, because some of the links are broken.

My own favourite thing I wrote in 2014

The thing I am most proud of writing last year was a tie – I am so, so proud that Emma Pooley trusted me to write her official retirement interview, which was published on the Rouleur website and they were kind enough to let me post the recording of the conversation as a podcast too – and I’m super-grateful to the Friends Life Women’s Tour for hiring me to run their live-tweeting throughout the race – listen to me talk about it with Dan, and you know I can’t wait for June’s edition!

Other interviews from 2014

I am so, so, incredibly grateful to every single rider and people who work behind the scenes in women’s cycling, who let me interview them this year – I so appreciate their time, generosity and kindness.  If you missed any, here’s who I talked to in 2014


If you want to read more things I wrote this year, including posts full of videos and links, you can obviously look through my blog, and all the things I wrote on Podium Café

Huge thanks to all the people who nominated the regular Unofficial Unsanctioned Women’s UCI Cycling Show, the weekly-in-season women’s cycling podcast with Dan, for a BikeBiz Cycling Media Award – and to everyone who voted for me to win the Total Women’s Cycling blogger of the year award.  I can’t tell you how much it means.  And thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who funds me to interview riders and keep covering the sport, through my Patreon.  It means so, so much, and I am just happy you like what I do.  The friendships, conversations and community of women’s cycling fans has truly been one of the things that has made my 2014 shine.

I’m planning for 2014 to be even bigger and better, so if you have ideas, leave them in the comments, email me at prowomenscycling [at] gmail [dot] com, or tell me on twitter.  And I always love talking to people about the sport, so if you every have questions or just want to talk pro cycling, get in touch, I’d love it.

Have a wonderful 2015 – here’s to the sport getting bigger and better in every way.  I hope you have a fantastic year


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