Women’s cycling audience survey part 3 – which cyclists do people like, and why?

In part 1 of the women’s cycling survey analysis, we looked at who replied, and in part 2, what cycling they follow – but this question is where it gets much more complicated – asking the respondents what it is they like about cycling in general.  I’m going to break this section into two posts, starting with which riders, or kinds of riders, people like, but this is the question we asked:

What is it that you like about cycling? (please tick all that apply)

What is it that you like about cycling

1,632 people replied, and as they could tick different options, the percentages are of the respondents, rather than the total number of ticks overall.

Now, bear in mind we wrote this question when we thought we’d get a couple of hundred responses at most…. If I was doing this again, I’d be all about the drop-down menus and auto-counting, because while I adore reading the answers, it has taken me a little bit of time to get through the answers, because 550 people left comments.  And they’re awesome comments, I love them.  I’ve picked some at random:

“It’s my soap opera. Drama, comedy, politics, crime, tech, glamour and fashion, all in one sport. And it inspires me to ride my bike more. Under visual, I’d also add that pro cyclists (both genders) are pretty easy on the eye (that’s shallow, I know…). Plus my partner and our friends follow it. I used to feel left out till I followed it too.”


“I have teams that I like and dislike and the same goes for riders, the reasons are complex, however whether I like a team or not normally comes down to if I like their colours and the riders on it/their racing strategy.”


“you see a rider who catches your eye and follow them. you cheer them all though (except Vino and pharmstrong)”


“I like to see women my age still doing amazing things and kicking butt and I want to ride to be good like them”


“Because I ride too and while I can’t relate to it I am impressed by the women and men who cycle so well”


“the more you watch the more you learn about the cyclists involved – the storylines, so for each new classic you watch its like seeing returning friends.”


“About cycling in general, I like how it is classified as an individual sport but it’s actually a team sport even if every rider races on their own.”


“I find the professional level inspires me to ride too. All in all, over the past 9 years I’ve fallen in love with almost every aspect of the sport.”


“enjoy that it opens up a window on so many other aspects of the world (culture, ethics, business, technology, history).”


“Love the complexity of the different types of races in all kinds of terrain & weather, the individual- team dynamics, really the infinite variety of racing and the compelling stories of the riders, both as racers and as individuals.  Beautiful sport”

But they don’t make survey-analysis any easier…..  But I’ll let you discover that, and I’ll start on the easy side.


Here are the teams people mentioned they follow (support, are fans of, love) in their answers

Women’s teams No. of mentions Men’s teams No. of mentions
1 Wiggle Honda 59 ORICA Greenedge 61
2 Velocio-SRAM (Specialized-lululemon) 58 Sky 53
3 ORICA AIS 36 Garmin 36
4 Matrix-Vulpine 33 OPQS 29
5 Rabo-Liv 30 BMC 26
6 Liv Shimano 13 Giant-Shimano 14
7 Boels-Dolmans 11 Tinkov Saxo 12
8 Atherton Racing 8 Movistar 8
9 UnitedHealthcare 8 Trek 7
10 All women’s teams 7 Belkin 6
11 Optum p/b Kelly Benefit 7 MTN 5
12 Hitec Products 6 Cannondale 4
13 Vanderkitten 6 Drapac 4
14 Epic-Scott 4 Lotto Belisol 4
15 Tibco 3 Europcar 2
16 Velosport – Pasta -Montegrappa Aprire 2 Français des Jeux 2
17 Mulebar-Sigma Sport 2 Madison Genesis 2
18 maxx solar cycling team 1 Smartstop 2
19 Autoglaswetteren cyclingteam 1 TFR 2
20 Bigla 1 Breton Sache Environment 1
21 Bike Pure 1 Budget Forklifts 1
22 Holden 1 Euskaltel Euskadi 1
23 Liv MTB team 1 Jelly Belly 1
24 Lotto Belisol 1 NFTO 1
25 Luna Chix 1 PB2 Pro Cycling 1
26 Nature Valley Cycling Team 1 Rapha Condor 1
27 Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International 1 Silber pro cycling 1
28 Telenet Fidea 1
29 Twenty16 1
30 VIS 1

I have some caveats there. I erred on the side of conservatism when counting the ORICA and Liv-Shimano women’s teams – so I’ve included ORICA as a women’s team when it was described as ORICA-AIS, ORICA(-GreenEDGE) women’s team/men’s and women’s team, or when it was included as ORICA in a list of other women’s teams – but when it was just ORICA, OGE, or in a list of men’s only, I didn’t count it as women’s.  Same goes for Liv-Shimano – if people said “Giant men’s and women’s teams” or something like that, I put  score in for both, but if they jut said Giant, or Giant Shimano, I put it as men only.

I also added together the different names where it’s obviously the same team – so people who used Specialized-lululemon, Speclulu, Project X etc are all counted as one – same for Matrix-Vulpine & On The Drops.

One of the things that really interested me was how most people put down more than one team – and often would put 3 or 4 team names, often rivals.  I picked this comment at random, from those that included teams, to illustrate:

“Follow the fortunes of most teams – but in particular, OPQS, Sky, Movistar – men. UHC, Boels, Orica AIS, Tibco, Specialized Lululemon – Womens.

Specifically follow Cavendish, Wiggins, Dowsett, Yates brothers – men.   For women – follow Lizzie Armitstead & Marianne Vos (who wouldnt) – Sharon Laws, Carlee Taylor, Loren Rowney, Lucy Martin (met them in Girona – all absolutely delightful people and great athletes), Emma Grant”

This backs up my own experience, that the people who are “only one team over all” are in a minority.  And there are some interesting pairings in there too – it’s very common to see people following 2 or 3 sprint-heavy teams, or 2 or 3 GC ones too.  Of course there were other common threads, such as Sky and Wiggle Honda went together in a lot of people’s comments, and where, eg someone’s favourite teams all have an Australian presence, as an example, but I can say with complete confidence, people who filled in this survey love to follow a range of teams.  After all, in 550 comments in the open text box, there were 593 teams named – and a big proportion of those comments didn’t name any teams at all.

But if you think those are big numbers, just you wait.  That comment in the Teams section?  It’s a great illustration of what people said about riders too.  I’m going to make it simple, and start with the top 10 most often named riders.


Women riders No. of mentions Male riders No. of mentions
Marianne Vos 87 Mark Cavendish 38
Lizzie Armitstead 57 Jens Voigt 34
Emma Pooley 31 Bradley Wiggins 29
Helen Wyman 31 Chris Froome 20
Evie Stevens 29 Alberto Contador 19
Laura Trott 18 Peter Sagan 19
Giorgia Bronzini 15 Fabian Cancellara 18
Carmen Small 14 Cadel Evans 17
Chloe Hosking 13 Tony Martin 17
Katie Compton 13 Taylor Phinney 15

That’s a lot of Vos!  I checked it three times, it’s definitely right!  Well, I say Vos, but she’s actually know as “Vos, of course“, “Marianne Vos – who wouldn’t?” etc among a good chunk of respondents, just as Emma Pooley is known as “Emma Pooley (sniff)“/”Emma Pooley, sob“/”Dr Pooley (I wish she’d come back)“/”Emma Pooley – boo hoo!” and the occasional comments like “Valverde (I know)” or “Contador (just for way he climbs, not cos of the beef he eats)” etc etc.  I grinned at the people who called people by their nicknames, because if anyone ever runs a cycling survey, they have to be able to translate the Cuddles, Nibbles, Wiggles, Spartacus, Dr P, Purito, Ratboy etc etc etc.

If you’re wondering how many riders were named in total, it was an eerie 138 men and 137 women – coming out spookily even, but with 654 total mentions of women and 528 for the men (and yes, I was wondering why I ever started this, as I analysed all that by hand – all those nicknames meant I couldn’t run some nice script etc) (though if you have any advice on how to speed up hand-analysis on spreadsheets, please do let me know!).

Anyway, here’s the mega-table, of number of mentions per riders

Women riders No. of mentions Male riders No. of mentions
1 Marianne Vos 87 Mark Cavendish 38
2 Lizzie Armitstead 57 Jens Voigt 34
3 Emma Pooley 31 Bradley Wiggins 29
4 Helen Wyman 31 Chris Froome 20
5 Evie Stevens 29 Alberto Contador 19
6 Laura Trott 18 Peter Sagan 19
7 Giorgia Bronzini 15 Fabian Cancellara 18
8 Carmen Small 14 Cadel Evans 17
9 Chloe Hosking 13 Tony Martin 17
10 Katie Compton 13 Taylor Phinney 15
11 Pauline Ferrand-Prévot 13 Geraint Thomas 12
12 Anna Meares 12 Tom Boonen 11
13 Dani King 10 Alex Dowsett 10
14 Tiffany Cromwell 10 David Millar 9
15 Emma Johansson 9 Marcel Kittel 9
16 Tayler Wiles 9 Tejay Van Garderen 9
17 Hannah Barnes 8 Dan Martin 7
18 Jo Rowsell 8 Nairo Quintana 7
19 Marijn de Vries 8 Phil Gaimon 7
20 Iris Slappendel 7 Vincenzo Nibali 7
21 Nettie Edmondson 7 Andrew Talansky 6
22 Rachel Atherton 7 Chris Horner 6
23 Sharon Laws 7 Jeremy Powers 6
24 Alison Powers 6 Michał Kwiatkowski 6
25 Ellen van Dijk 6 Simon Gerrans 6
26 Katie Archibald 6 Ben Swift 5
27 Gracie Elvin 5 Niki Terpstra 5
28 Ina-Yoko Teutenberg 5 Ryder Hesjedal 5
29 Lisa Brennauer 5 Zdenek Stybar 5
30 Melissa Hoskins 5 Adam Hansen 4
31 Emilia Fahlin 4 Gee Atherton 4
32 Gabby Durrin 4 Ian Stannard 4
33 Jo Hogan 4 Joaquim Rodríguez 4
34 Julie Leth 4 Ted King 4
35 Kathryn Bertine 4 Tom Dumoulin 4
36 Lizzie Williams 4 Adam Yates 3
37 Valentina Scandolara 4 Bernie Eisel 3
38 Alison Tetrick 3 Bling Matthews 3
39 Annemiek van Vleuten 3 Richie Porte 3
40 Ashleigh Moolman Pasio 3 Simon Yates 3
41 Carlee Taylor 3 Sylvain Chavanel 3
42 Elisa Longo Borghini 3 Tyler Farrar 3
43 Grace Garner 3 Adam Myerson 2
44 Harriet Owen 3 All the top GC men 2
45 Jolanda Neff 3 Andy Schleck 2
46 Judith Arndt 3 Dan Atherton 2
47 Leah Kirchmann 3 Dan Craven 2
48 Lucy Garner 3 Eric Marcotte 2
49 Lucy Martin 3 Greg van Avermaet 2
50 Mara Abbott 3 Heinrich Haussler 2
51 Nicole Cooke 3 Jack Bobridge 2
52 Peta Mullens 3 John Degenkolb 2
53 Tessa Fabry 3 Josh Bryceland 2
54 Anna-Leeza Hull 2 Kristian House 2
55 Caroline Ryan 2 Luke Rowe 2
56 Catharine Pendrel 2 Nico Roche 2
57 Chantal Blaak 2 Peter Kennaugh 2
58 Coryn Rivera 2 Philippe Gilbert 2
59 Elinor Barker 2 Rui Costa 2
60 Emily Batty 2 Sep van Marke 2
61 Flick Wardlaw 2 Stevie Smith 2
62 Georgia Gould 2 Sven Nys 2
63 Kasia Niewiadoma 2 Tao Geoghegan Hart 2
64 Katrin Garfoot 2 Thibault Pinot 2
65 Linda Villumsen 2 Thor Hushovd 2
66 Loren Rowney 2 Aaron Gwin 1
67 Maja Wloszczowska 2 Adam Blythe 1
68 Megan Guarnier 2 Alejandro Valverde 1
69 Meredith Miller 2 Alessandro De Marchi 1
70 Nikki Harris 2 Alex Howes 1
71 Penny Rowson 2 Alexander Kristoff 1
72 Rachel Neylan 2 Andre Greipel 1
73 Sarah Roy 2 Andrew Hampsten 1
74 Sarah Storey 2 Anthony Clark 1
75 Vera Koedooder 2 Arnoud Démare 1
76 Alexis Ryan 1 Arthur Vichot 1
77 Amber Pierce 1 Bart Wellens 1
78 Amy Bradley 1 Bauke Mollema 1
79 Anika Todd 1 Ben King 1
80 Anna van der Breggen 1 Brad Huff 1
81 Anne Ewing 1 Brent Bookwalter 1
82 Anne-Caro Chausson 1 Brice Feillu 1
83 Annie Last 1 Caleb Ewen 1
84 Arley Kemmerer 1 Chad Haga 1
85 Bec Henderson 1 Christian Meier 1
86 Beryl Burton 1 Dan McConnell 1
87 Cari Higgins 1 Dan McLay 1
88 Caroline Buchanan 1 Danny Hart 1
89 Charline Joiner 1 Fabio Aru 1
90 Christine Vardaros 1 Fränk Schleck 1
91 Dana Rozlapa 1 Geoff Kabush 1
92 Dotsie Bausch 1 Greg Henderson 1
93 Ellen Noble 1 Greg Lemond 1
94 Emily Collins 1 Ian Dille 1
95 Emma Grant 1 Iljo Keisse 1
96 Emma Trott 1 Jared Graves 1
97 Gillian Carleton 1 Jason Kenny 1
98 Hannah Barnes – MTB 1 Jeremy Durrin 1
99 Heather Irmiger 1 Jeremy Roy 1
100 Heather Nielsen 1 Juan Antonio Flecha 1
101 Jess Allen 1 Kenny Elissonde 1
102 Jess Varnish 1 Koen de Kort 1
103 Jessie Maclean 1 Lars van der Haar 1
104 Julie Krasniak 1 Laurens Ten Dam 1
105 Kaarle McCulloch 1 Liam Phillips 1
106 Kaitlin Antonneau 1 Manuel Fumic 1
107 Karla Boddy 1 Marco Fontana 1
108 Karol-Ann Canuel 1 Marco Pantani 1
109 Katie Hall 1 Mark Renshaw 1
110 Katy Curd 1 Martyn Irvine 1
111 Laura Van Gilder 1 Mathieu van der Poel 1
112 Lauren Hall 1 Mattie Hayman 1
113 Lauren Kitchen 1 Mick Hannah 1
114 Liesbet de Vocht 1 Miguel Indurain 1
115 Lisa Keeling 1 Mikel Nieve 1
116 Lucinda Brand 1 Nathan Haas 1
117 Lucy Coldwell 1 Oleg Tinkov 1
118 Macey Stewart 1 Pat McCarty 1
119 Manon Carpenter 1 Phillip Deignan 1
120 Miranda Griffiths 1 Pippo Pozzato 1
121 Mo Bruno Roy 1 Rafał Majka 1
122 Myriam Nicole 1 Ramunas Navardauskas 1
123 Nicky Degrendele 1 Rigoberto Uran 1
124 Olivia Dillon 1 Rob Carpenter 1
125 Rachel Lloyd 1 Robbie McEwen 1
126 Rebecca Rusch 1 Rohan Dennis 1
127 Sanne Cant 1 Romain Feillu 1
128 Sara Mustonen 1 Ryan Trebon 1
129 Shanaze Reade 1 Sam Bennett 1
130 Shelley Olds 1 Simon Clarke 1
131 Sophie Thornhill 1 Steve Peat 1
132 Tahnée Seagrave 1 Stuart O’Grady 1
133 Tegan Molloy 1 Tim Johnson 1
134 Tina Pic 1 Tom Peterson 1
135 Tracey Hannah 1 Tommy Voeckler 1
136 Vanessa Drigo 1 Travis McCabe 1
137 Vicky Pendleton 1 Tyler Hamilton 1
138 Wilco Kelderman 1

Again, it was really common for people to say they follow 3 or 4 rivals at the same time – so a significant proportion of people whose favourite was Cav also really liked 3 or 4 other sprinters, practically no one mentioned Froome without mentioning Wiggins too, and lots of people would name a string of climbers.

I was interested in how many people mentioned retired riders – and to the respondent who commented that all their favourite riders seem to have retired recently, I totally feel your pain.

I want to caveat the numbers there – there were at least 60 comments that included some variation on “etc etc”/”and a lot more”/”too many to mention them all, but especially…” in the lists – and I’d say over half of people who mentioned teams would say something like “All of ORICA”, or “all the Speclulus, but especially…” – so riders who look like they’ve only got 1 mention could have been intended over and over – but I just didn’t have capacity to, for example, go through and add a mention to every Matrix-Vulpine rider each time someone mentioned the team.

(In fact, pretty much the only people who mentioned only a single rider were 4 or 5 of the parents who commented, who’d say “my daughter X” – and even then, there were more parents who said “my daughter and her team-mates and…” than just the one name!)

I really liked the other personal answers people gave to why they liked riders – these are some that caught my eye:

“Joanna Rowsell from Wiggle Honda because she has an autoimmune disease and share her struggle and triumph. Same as Jack Bobridge from Belkin battle RA.”


“admire Emma [Pooley] for her sport achievement alongside her academic achievement (I also have a phd and work at a uni)”


“I love cycling. I love women. Female cyclists are awesome athletes”

Of course, there’s the usual caveat that because I ran this survey over Road Worlds, that will have influenced who was uppermost in people’s minds – had I ran it over cyclocross or track Worlds, I’m sure I would have had different numbers – of if it was over the Tour de France/Giro Rosa period for example, there would have been different names too.  I don’t look at this list as a definite list of who’s popular, or how popular anyone other than the top-named riders are, but instead what I’m taking from it is the huge range of names people like, and the variety.  I’ve always know that I love the cast-of-thousands aspect, so it’s comforting to see that played out in the survey too – and a big grin to the commenter, obviously an insightful genius, who said this:

“The cast of thousands is part of the fun.”


As well as people who like all the riders on the same teams, there are also people who (in general) follow riders from the same country.  This could be their own country, the country they live in right now, or just one they like, but here’s the breakdown of responses to “who do you follow” specifically by country:

Local riders 6
British riders/Team GB 41
British teams 4
British track team 6
British women’s team pursuit squad 6
Welsh riders 4
Scottish riders 1
Irish riders 9
Australians 34
Aussies in the TdF 1
Aussie teams 2
Any team with Aussies 6
Aussie NRS women 4
Tasmanians 2
Aussie track 3
Aussie paracyclists 1
Dutch riders 11
Dutch teams 7
USA riders 11
USA teams 4
Colorado riders 1
Canadians 6
Danish riders 2
Norwegians 2
Scandinavian 1
Belgian riders 1
German women 1
German sprinters 1
French riders 1
Portuguese 1
Spanish 1
Kiwis 2
South Africans 2
Smaller teams in Europe 1

I haven’t double-counted here, so eg the mentions of the British trackies aren’t also included in the British riders stats.  This was really fascinating, and of course it’s influenced by the fact this was an English-language survey, and because I’m British and Dan’s Australian, we had large proportions of British/Aussie respondents compared to countries like Italy and Spain.  But when you look at the comparison between nationality of respondents and the countries mentioned, they look quite different:

Country of respondentsMentions of specific country

Of course there are caveats – there could be some double counting in there, eg if people said “British riders and teams”, and I didn’t note if people included eg a string of almost all, I dunno, French names – so I wouldn’t take this as scientific, just a comparison I was interested in enough to make doughnut charts for.

And it’s not like people who mentioned a country only liked riders from that country – it was much more common than not to see someone say things like (and I quote):

“I’m Dutch so of course I follow the Dutch teams and the Dutch riders in other teams. But also the non-Dutch ‘flavourmakers’ of the sport.”


“I tend to follow more closely the teams and riders of the current country I’m living in, rather than always teams of my country of origin.”


“SLulu is a favorite team, partly because Evie Stevens is a favorite rider, partly because they always have a likable roster.  I also like Optum, partly because Amber Pierce is a favorite rider, but they also seem to have a good crew in general.  I’m a yank, so I’m most familiar with the Americans, and follow Megan Guarnier, Tayler Wiles and Carmen Small.  But I like and follow generally the European and Aussies too.  (That includes the Swedes!, even their domestic scene a bit.)”


“Started off following individual riders (Brits mainly: Pooley, Cooke, Armistead) but now watch any racing!”


“I don’t only like following specific teams and riders but there are some that do a more compelling job, and I enjoy their content more.”


“Although in general, all the riders are great so it’s always interesting to see how the races unfold and who wins etc!”

So nationality isn’t a big issue for everyone….

What kinds of riders do people like?

It was clear from the comments that while some people have some level of nationality-issues motivating their support, this wasn’t exclusive, and all kinds of other factors came into play for why people supported riders.  Other things people mentioned, about the kinds of riders and teams they like to follow (I’ve grouped them into common themes for convenience – I haven’t double-counted, so if someone said riders they’ve raced against, I haven’t also included that in “riders I know”)

Riders I’ve met/I know 39
Characters 14
Riders people have ridden with/competed against/come from the same club 13
Riders with good twitter/social media 11
Riders who blog/write 9
Cyclocross riders 8
Riders who are likeable/personable 7
Riders who used to be in a specific team but moved on 6
Riders with stories 5
Young riders/juniors 4
BMX riders 3
ITT riders 3
Puncheurs 1
Fighters 1
Idiosyncratic personalities 1
I like underdogs becoming heroes 1
Rowdy MTB girls 1
anyone manual for speed tells me I should 1

It’s clear it’s not just about the racing for a lot of people, it’s about who’s riding

“The personalities in cycling are some of the greatest in any sport.”


“You follow someone because you like them as a person even more than a rider. So you want to see them succeed or are bummed when they don’t.”


“You have the happiness when someone wins that you like. But the final sprint is always amazing even if they don’t place in the top 3”


“love Jens like everybody because he has such unabashed fun at the thing!”


“The list of riders I follow is too long and changes regularly. Generally its either because they are doing something interesting and I will follow for a while or I have some personal connection to them.”


“Primarily interested in women who are strong leaders, great ambassadors for the sport, with rich stories and accomplishments beyond the bike.”

And one of the themes that was in there was about watching riders develop over time, picking riders early on, following their fortunes (and misfortunes, as someone said) as well as following riders at the top of the sport

“I tend to have favourite riders and like to follow their career progression, for instance, recently I was super pleased to see Dan Craven and his wide eyed enthusiasm whilst riding the Vuelta, after years of knocking around the lower echelons of pro cycling. Teams and their identities tend to be ephemeral making it difficult to form any kind of bonds to them for me.

(Which reminds me – Dan Craven is another of those riders who has a specific name – he’ll always be known as “Dan Craven and his beard” to me now!)

“I don’t align with any team, but will often support one in a race that I feel deserves it because of the achievements and development of the riders.”

There was also a healthy number of people who commented about how social media helps them follow riders – mentioning Marijn de Vries, Chloe Hosking, Ted King and other story-tellers as people they follow because of their writing, for instance

“Will follow specific teams who make it easier to follow them with regular news updates (Specialized Lululemon for instance, but not limited to them), interesting web sites, etc.

Will follow specific riders to a degree – those with interesting background storylines and those who are good and/or entertaining writers (Jens Voigt, Chloe Hosking, for example).”

Team videos got a lot of love, with the ORICA Backstage Pass series, and Wiggle Honda’s videos coming up in around 20 comments between them

“Started watching cycling from 2012 Olympics. Didn’t know much about road racing and forgot about it until a few months later. Googling took me to Wiggle. So I followed Wiggle and it’s riders. Started Twitter (never had it before) to help me follow. Naturally started following other teams and riders. I tend to follow more women’s than men. I still follow Wiggle as they are a very easy to access with site updates, facebook and twitter updates. Also they write in English and love their videos. Their videos made me a bigger fan for women’s peloton.”

and all thatchimes with me, because it’s why I like it too – the story-telling, the human drama, as the comment says at the top, the soap opera.  I wanted to finish this section with a quote – it sounds a little bit self-serving, as it mentions me, but I was really interested about how it describes following 1 rider to another, to another:

“Following a rider makes you interested in the other riders she interacts with, so you follow them too, and soon you understand why Sarah loves them all… The opportunity to hear people like De Vries, Johansson and Pooley tell their own stories… adds a lot to my enjoyment of the sport.”


This is an enormous section, so I need to stop here – but come back soon, because next I’ll be looking at the other reasons why people like cycling, and why they like women’s cycling specifically.

If you have any thoughts about the data or this series, please do leave them in the comments, or tell me on twitter.  I’m especially interested in other people’s interpretations, and what the survey says to them.  Does it feel right?  Are there other patterns to talk about?  Please do let me know!

Next:  Part 4 – what else do people like about cycling in general?


7 thoughts on “Women’s cycling audience survey part 3 – which cyclists do people like, and why?

  1. I’m surprised Quintana doesn’t have more mentions, but that’s likely timing, the English language survey and my skewered perception from living with his biggest fan 😀

    Out of curiosity, do you have a number or percentage for people who only follow a single team or a single nationality? Most people following multiple people from multiple teams matches my experience too, but I had thought I was in the minority… it’s nice to know I’m not. Commentators taking this into account and NOT fixating on the same two or three people would be nice. (I know GC and rankings and all that, but e.g. it got really boring STILL hearing about how the Tour wasn’t worth watching because there was no Froome v Contador showdown when they were two-thirds of the way through the Vuelta…)

    I find this stuff fascinating. Thanks so much for the survey and these posts 😀

    • I really think the stats on the riders after, say, the top 10 don’t reflect the actual fan-base, but are totally accurate on the huge range of riders people like, if that makes sense?

      I’ll definitely go back and calculate the %s of people who only say 1 nationality – it’ll take a week or two, and I’ll do it in a post of questions at the end. Off the top of my head, maybe a fifth? That’s making it up wildly, and could be too high, but I’ll do a deep trawl and let you know.

      And you’re absolutely right re the commentators – and also commentators from eg Eurosport fixating on only the Brits, as another example, because this backs up my view that most Brits aren’t into cycling purely for nationalism. Of course, caveats that maybe I reach people who share my views, but still, 550 replies is a good number, I’m confident it’s statistically significant on this point.

      And thanks for the kind words! I’m frustrated I have to go to work, and do other things than just analyse, because it’s taking me longer than I want to get done….

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