Women’s cycling audience survey part 2 – what do people follow, and why do they like it?

This is part 2 of a series of mini-posts looking at the women’s cycling audience survey Dan and I ran back in September.  Part 1 was about what we did and why, and who responded – this post will look at what cycling people watch.

Now, I said in part 1, we ran this over Road Worlds, so the responses will skew to road – we probably would have got different responses if we were running it over MTB or CX World Championships.  But even so, there wasn’t as much pro road dominance as I’d thought we’d get.

What do people follow?

What do they followThis question was answered by 1,632 people.  It was asked in a checklist, and people could pick as many varieties as they wanted – so the percentages are of the number of respondents.  The list going down to cyclocross was included in a drop-down menu, and then there was an “other” box where people added other things.  From cadet to paracycling are answers where more than one people mentioned it in the “other” box.  The other types of cycling people mentioned:

  • 4 respondents (0.25%) said “Trials”
  • These were mentioned by 2 respondents each (0.22%): MTB RedBull Rampage; MTB Marathon; MTB Freestyle; Bike Polo; and “other”
  • And these were mentioned by 1 respondent each (0.06%): Unsanctioned (CMWC, alleycats); 6-day track; Touring; MTB Gravity enduro; MTB Enduro; 4X; Gran Fondos, Charity and advocacy events; Citizen cycling; Hour attempts; College; Bikepacking; Beach racing; Ultra Distance Cycling (Race Across America and similar); Masters; Varies year by year; and “All of it!”

Someone left this comment:

4x!!! both domestic and professional, can’t believe it’s not on the list! There were 19 women on the start list on Sunday at Leamington! AND WHERE IS BMX?? Most kids’ first bike is a BMX.  Most kids have access to skateparks and bmx tracks, easier than a forest, a closed road circuit or a track 😦

I totally deserve that, I can’t believe I left BMX off the list either, because I love it – the racing, the personalities, the way urban kids use BMX to reclaim urban spaces, the adrenaline, all of it.  And 4X too!  All I can say is I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.

The other thing I’m still in two minds about it, was that I didn’t include paracycling as a separate category.  Someone said something similar in the comment section, that they follow paracycling road and track, but consider it part of “road” and “track”.  That was my thinking at the time, so I chose not to include it as a separate category, but I can completely see why people might have preferred it as a separate category, and I’m still not sure if I made the right call.  I’ll definitely include paracycling in any future survey.

So, Part 3 will be a more complicated question – what do people like about cycling?  I have to admit, I didn’t expect so many answers, and wow, people like a LOT about the sport!  If I haven’t died of spreadsheet-disease, it’ll be up in the next few days, so make sure you check back.  In the meantime, listen to Dan and me talk about the survey results in our latest podcast.

 Next:  Part 3 – which cyclists do people like, and why?


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