A collection of posts about women and sports

I’ve had this post in draft for the last month, and every time I’ve been about to post it, I’ve seen something new.  But I should just press “publish” now – it’s a collection of things I’ve seen in the last month about women and sports, with an emphasis on cycling, of course!

There was a lot of talk about women and sports and equality recently, and my favourite was this piece by Hadley Freeman in the Guardian:  Female athletes stealing from men?  I call it equal pay.  It’s a pithy, witty, and righteously angry response to some really stupid commentary that we can’t give parity to women as it would hurt men somehow.  Click through, you won’t regret it.

Here’s a great tweet about the issue in cyclocross

And some really interesting information about the Basque campaign for equality for women’s cycling.


While equal pay is a huge issue in women’s sports in most of the world, it’s important to me to remember that just riding a bike is a right not all women share.  So I’m always heartened by articles about the Afghan women’s cycling team, like this one in the Guardian, on how they’re aiming for the Olympics.  And there’s a great audio interview with Yara Sallam, a young Egyptian feminist and lawyer, on how women are reclaiming public spaces by riding bikes, scooters and motorbikes.  It’s by the Association for Women’s rights in Development, and it’s really inspiring.


I am always excited about work getting more women riding, especially within minority groups – so this interested me a lot:  the Marin County Bike Coalition‘s Latina women on wheels project.  Click through and there’s information and a web seminar, by the League of American Bicyclists.

More change making – professional downhill MTB rider Amanda Batty‘s commitment to spend up to US $20,000 to pay for women’s downhill race and clinic fees, to help get more women racing.  Read more about her #ProvingPossible project, and apply for it.


Over in Australia, there’s been bad news for women’s sports, as cuts to the ABC network means the WNBL women’s basketball and W-League Women’s Football matches won’t be shown on tv any more.  Sportette explains why this is such a big deal, and The Age talks about why the cuts have fallen disproportionately on women’s sports.


So how can women athletes help themselves?  The Network for Advancing Athletes has some fantastic advice for women who need to get sponsors – they started with a piece on Making Ends Meet, and Amber Pierce has some really helpful articles:  What is Return on Investment? – and Part 2, Quantitative RoI.


Finally, what do female athletes look like?  Wendy Fox’s fascinating website has some facinating stats and lovely graphics about all the women who won gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics, including this video:


I’ll be back very soon with more links, videos and random things I’ve liked, and hopefully from 2015 I’ll be putting up weekly posts.  As always, if you see anything you want to share with me, leave me a comment, and tell me on twitter – and check out my women’s cycling tumblr for more things I’ve found as I see them.


5 thoughts on “A collection of posts about women and sports

  1. So nice, I had to like it twice.. 😉 (actually, The old BassFace WP-acocunt was hacked a few months ago, so I quit using it).

    Powerful article on the Guardian by Hadley Freeman, thank you for posting that! Some people who still criticize women in sport don’t realize that this is the 21st Century, maybe they will start waking up soon…

    Interesting behind-the-scenes video of Momentum 947 last month w/Marianne Vos and Ash Moolman (English) – video posted on FB: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=742343712509205&set=vb.140231499387099&type=2&theater

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