This weekend’s race videos – Milton Keynes and Flandriencross

I was very, very, very happy to be at the Milton Keynes Cyclocross World Cup yesterday, so of course I’m going to be watching the videos to relive it!

Here’s the UCI highlights:

There are more brief highlights on Sporza, and if you want to watch the full race, it’s archived here.  (Restricted in your country?  Try Hola or Tunnelbear, set to the UK – if you use Tunnelbear, turn it off once the stream kicks in to save your allocation).

UPDATE!  Here’s some on-bike camera footage from Katie Compton‘s bike.  I love bikecam, this has added mud!

I recorded the press conference questions with Sanne Cant after her win, and you can listen to it here – and there are 4 more interviews, before and after the race, on my Soundcloud.

UPDATE!  I love Balint Hamvas’ photos on – I was grinning in recognition at all the rider and crowd smiles.  If you want to know what I thought of the day, listen to my podcast with Ben Atkins, about what it was like at the race, and what it means for the season.

I was also briefly interviewed on I was also interviewed for the Telegraph’s Cycling Podcast – it’s going to be on their website very soon, and it’s already on their iTunes (it’s the Velon’s Vision for the Future episode, their CX section starts around the 18:18 mark, with lots of great audio, so you can hear what the race sounded like).

Race reports on the BBC Sport website, Cyclingnews and CX magazine – and CX mag interviewsPhotos  on Cycling Weekly.

UPDATE!  And here’s a video interview with Helen Wyman before the race

UPDATE AGAIN!  In the Crosshairs have made a “Like a Vos” video from the race – sure, it’s about a month and a half after the race, but it’s still good!

And today the racing didn’t stop – it was round 3 of the 2014/15 bpost bank trofee, the KwadrO Flandriencross, aka Hamme (close to, but not the same course as the old Hamme-Zogge race) and here are the highlights from Sporza.  Here are the results and the photos from the race website.    Race report on Cyclingnews.



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