Gift Guide 4: Recommendations from twitter

I’ve been compiling my kind-of-annual lists of things I really wish I had the money to buy myself present ideas for fans of cycling, and women (and men!) who bike, and this is my favourite part – recommendations from the twitterati, because you all have such great taste, and leave me wishing I had more money.  As always, I get no benefit in sharing these – they’re bike-related gift ideas that I hope you like too.

For some reason there’s a ton of art-related things in here (possible because Part 2 of the 2014 gift guide was arty) – but while there’s more than gorgeous prints here, I’m going to start there.

SaraEva showed me this lovely Edinburgh Old Town bike print by David Fleck, and that sent me down a rabbit-hole, because it’s for sale on Edinburgh’s Red Door Gallery website, and wow they have some beautiful things, including a whole Two Wheels section full of bike-related goodies (I love the bike bobble hats), but what really caught my eye was this print of the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Edinburgh.

It’s by Tommy Perman, there’s only one on the site, and it’s not cheap at £100, but there’s something about the curve of the sprint-line that catches in my throat, and makes me want it on my wall.  Ah well, hope whoever buys it loves it!


Lois is a fantastic graphic designer (and blogger) (and tweeter) and I always really like her recommendations, because she has such a good eye.  She has three very different things for us, this time (all great!)

Katie’s Bike makes and sells jewellery made from recycled bike chains and tubes, for women and men.  I like it because there’s stuff that’s obviously bikey, and stuff that isn’t so immediate, and also because she’ll make you bespoke pieces too.  I’d buy this necklace, if I had money right now!  Check out her website, her Etsy store, and if you’re near South London (or Brooklyn NYC!), you can see her pieces in person in these shops.


House of Astbury make reflective clothing and cunning accessories – things that look functional, and purely decorative, until the lights hit them, which makes them good for clubbing as well as winter commuting!  They have leggings and bags, bananas and patches, and I adore the collaboration bag with Lois – wheat better message to have glowing at drivers?  I also love these reflective badges, to pin anywhere – they’re not in the shop at the moment, but tweet them, they’re very friendly, and will tell you how to buy them.


Finally, I always love my twitter-friend Accidento Bizaro‘s collection of cycling dreams, cakes (that are sometimes cycling cakes!), reading project, writing, blog, and of course her twitter, but I’d missed that she sews too – cross-stitch that’s often sweary!  She’s got some cycling-specific pieces on her Etsy store, and she’ll make you things specifically, too.


For more recycled bike things, Rich Edge recommended Bev Blakeman’s Vélo Culture. Bev makes bags, belts, accessories, jewellery, and much more, from bike bits and innertubes.  And she’ll make you bespoke things too!  Her Etsy store is here, and you can follow her on twitter too.



Megster suggested Mark Fairhurst’s art deco style posters at his Zeitgeist Images site, and especially this one, Allez Les Filles, a tribute to La Course by Le Tour de France.  There are lots more of his posters, including another Allez Les Filles one (I have to admit, they look more like frogs than cyclists to me, but…), so if you like the style, click through.


Emma Chaplin sent me a link to these printed cycling lampshades:

They’re currently on display at part of the Leicester Print Workshop Passion to Print exhibition, and while I can’t find them for sale, the artist, Zoe Potter, is on twitter and has a website, so if you contact her, I bet she’d tell you if they’re for sale!


I am so sorry, but I completely forgot to note who recommended this, but Artist on a Bike does what she says on the tin – mugs, screenprints, cards, accessories and bike pieces made out of maps (including customisable pieces).  Click through and have a look!


The other 2014 gift guides are here:

I might make a November version of the gift guide, so if you have any recommendations for anything to do with women’s cycling, or presents for cycling fans, tell me in the comments, or on twitter – and of course, you can help support this blog and our podcast by buying a selection of things with some of our favourite catchphrases on, we really appreciate it when you do that!


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