How to watch the 2014 Valkenburg Cyclocross World Cup LIVE!

The 2014/15 CCX World Cup starts on Sunday 19th October, with the Caubergcross in Valkenburg, the Netherlands.  Cauberg, you ask?  Oh yes, that Cauberg!

This is how my good friend tgsgirl describes the race: “The organisers call it a ‘Swiss’ race, but seeing those 7524 turns I’d say it’s pretty damn Dutch. Lots of steep uphill climbs and swooping flights back down” – and isn’t it great we can watch it live?  Here’s the UCI English livestream for the women’s race, which will also be the archive after it’s over:

Click play now – if you can see the ticker, you’ll be able to watch it live.  If you can’t, something like Hola or Tunnelbear set to the UK will get you in (if you use Tunnelbear, turn it off as soon as the stream starts, to save your allocation).

The women’s race will start at 13:30 Euro CEST, 12:30pm UK BST, 7:30am USA Eastern and 10:30pm Australia Sydney/Melbourne time.  And if you want to watch the men’s race, it starts at 15:00 CEST, and the UCI stream will be here.

Tons of information on the race website, and if you want to know more about the women’s (and men’s) 2014/15 season, here’s my guide.  And if you want a CX rider’s views on the racing, here’s Part 1 of my recent interview with European Champion Helen Wyman.


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