How to watch the 2014 European Track Championships LIVE!

It’s a little bit confusing why the 2014 European Track Championships are being held on an outdoor concrete, floodlit, 330m velodrome in Baie-Mahault in the Caribbean (in hurricane season no less!), but Guadeloupe is a province of France, and the birthplace of former sprint world champion Grégory Baugé, so…..

Anyway!  It is possible to watch the evening (night time?  Definitely for us in traditional-Europe) session live stream, via the French-language Canal 10 feed. Click that link when you think the racing is on, and see – I’m watching the Day 1 evening session right now.  (scroll down a little bit, there are a couple of frames above it)

UPDATE!  They seem to be showing the daytime sessions too!  And you can change the size of the stream by changing the size of the window.  It opens with the volume set to mute, turn it up in the bottom right-hand corner of the red bar.

Guadeloupe is in the same timezone as USA Eastern, so it’s 5 hours behind the UK and 6 behind European CEST (eg 6:30pm there is 11:30pm in UK and 00:30 CEST, 9:30am the next day, Aus AEDT).

The programme of events is here and startlist for women here, and there’s a live timing and results site. The European Cycling Association has a twitter account that’s great at answering questions, and they are adding photos to their gallery  and of course they have a website.  Any more questions?  Ask in the comments, and I’m on twitter too, I can’t promise anything but I’ll do my best.


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