2014 women’s cycling gift guide part 2 – let’s revisit the past!

For the last few years I’ve made a couple of gift guides, with ideas of presents for women’s cycling fans, and cycling fans or cyclists who happen to be women, and I’ve started that again this year with a post full of books themed around women and cycling – but I thought I might re-visit some of the artists and creative types etc I’ve included in the past, to see what they’re up to.

As always, I’ve got no incentives to promote these, it’s purely things I’ve seen that are on my own Xmas list, or things people who follow me love – and as always if you know of things that are bike-related that you think other people might like, please do share it in the comments, or tell me on twitter.  I’m planning on posts on clothes, things from women cyclists and teams, and more random *stuff*, so send me anything!

Now, this isn’t creative, but whenever I ask for recommendations, I bet this…

Bike fits

Everyone I’ve ever known who’s had a proper bike fit swears up and down by them – so if you’ve got a woman who rides in your life, this could be something that could make her very happy.  I’ve been asking for advice about where to get a bike fit, and one thing a lot of people say is to go to a place with a lot of experience (ask them how many women’s bike fits they’ve done, for example).  There’s an article about a bike-fit-cynic getting one on Road.cc, with videos, that explains it more, here’s an article on Bicycling.com about bike fitting for women, and you can google for bike fit recommendations online too, especially with specific companies.  So many people say this changed their riding, it could be the perfect present!


Art and prints

Next up, bicycle-based art and prints, because these are gorgeous.  I’ve mentioned these people before….

Rebecca J Kaye is well-known for her beautiful bright colours and minimalist design.  She’s got cards, t-shirts, prints, and lots more on her shop, and if you’re on a budget, or have no more room on your walls, there are cards, too.  Every time I look at her new products section, there seems to be something new.  Right now I love the velodrome print, Alpha Bike poster, and geometric musettes


Eliza Southwood makes some beautiful prints based on cycling and bike races – have a look at her screen prints and cheaper digital prints (don’t forget to use the slider at the bottom of the page to see them all) – and she has a separate site for her Coffee Peloton work, bespoke pieces painted with coffee (I don’t know for sure, but as these are made to order, maybe she could do women’s cycling versions too?)


Megster first showed me 100 Copies, which has a really simple, fun premise – they make only 100 copies of each piece of bike-based prints and t-shirts, and when they’re sold, that’s it.  They always have new products popping up, so keep an eye on their site.  They also have these safe cycling stickers


I can’t find any new prints by Edward Chadwick, but these three I first recommended are still lovely, combining quotes about and images of bicycles.  They’re for sale via the Snug Gallery at just £20 each.


I’ve never mentioned these before, and they don’t really have any women’s cycling connection (even their cyclists of note and notioriety poster only includes 4 or 5 women, sadly), but if you have a friend who’s cycled up the Alpe d’Huez, you can get the Handmade Cyclist‘s Alpe d’Huez poster personalised with their name.  That’s pretty adorable, and anyone who’s made it to the top deserves something like that!  Their designs are beautiful, so have a look around their shop – I especially love the quotes mugs, they’re relevant to everyone!


I have to admit, I am a sucker for a Birthday Mug, and I still love the Laura Trott mug designed by Richard Mitchelson, as part of the Rouleur Heroes collection.     I’m so hoping they’ll expand to include other women riders, like his Helen Wyman portrait.  Rouleur have been having some great interviews with and features on women cyclists in their magazine this year, for example, this interview with Lizzie Armitstead (disclosure, I had a piece on their website) and the photography in their is gorgeous, so a subscription to them could be a gift that keeps giving all year long.


More media you can subscribe to:  my good friends at the Velocast podcast have various levels of subscriptions, that gets you access to their weekly podcast (that occasionally includes clips with me in them), race ‘casts, and interviews including things like Suze Clemitson‘s recent interview with Brian Cookson, about women’s cycling.  They also are selling t-shirts at the moment, and who doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt of Marianne Vos as a Lego figure?  They have more t-shirts and bike kits on their website, too.


One of the things I really loved, when it was recommended to me the first time, were the Rocket Fuel caps, hand-made in Sydney by Susan, who’s always lovely on twitter.  There are collections in wool, cotton, with leather, and caps for babies – so simple, so lovely!  Click through and have a look.


I’ll be talking more about kit and clothes in later posts, but if you have recommendations for women’s cycling-related clothing, or kit for women, please do leave a comment below, or tell me on twitter.  In the meantime, here’s something else you can wear.

It was Marijn de Vries who first sent me a link to Karin Springer, a Dutch jeweller who has a gorgeous collection of bike-related jewellery for men and women.  I really love this, especially the less-obviously bikey objects, like the chain-inspired bracelet – and there are also pieces with a handcycle and a racing tandem.

These aren’t cheap, but they are gorgeous.  The site’s in Dutch, but we all know every Dutch person speaks and writes better English than native-English-speakers, so if you have a question, I bet email would sort it all out.


If that doesn’t give you ideas, don’t worry – Part 3 in the series is full of presents you can buy that are created by women riders and teams, and Part 4 will be recommendations from the twittterati.  And don’t forget, you can help support this blog and our podcast by buying a selection of things with some of our favourite catch phrases on.   And as always, if you have any ideas, or recommendations for any women’s-cycling-related gifts, leave me a comment, or tweet.  I love seeing what other people like!


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