2014 Podcast Episode 44 – You Transferred My Battlebike!

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowWe cover all the latest transfer news and what the hell it means for all these teams. (Who’s going to lead what now?) And more importantly what it means for us fans (MORE EXCITEMENT!) There’s racing to discuss, with the end of the MTB enduro series and the beginning of the European cyclocross season. This week it’s Sarah’s turn to go on a rant! (I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s about para-cycling.) Also, we preview the 2015 racing calendar and declare it an early victory with more race days on the cards AND some very exciting looking new races to look forward to. (1:09:48 MIN / 67.01 MB)

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Links and things we talked about this week

The UCI road calendar for 2015 is here (you might need to play with the drop-down menu to get to the women) and UPDATE!  here’s part one of Sarah’s posts about it on Podium Café – with diagrams and tables, and comparisons with 2014.

Sarah’s collecting all the transfer news in a Podium Café post, and there’s tons of gossip, speculation and conversation in the comments.  This week’s big news was Wiggle Honda’s announcement that they’re hiring two-time Giro champion Mara Abbott and young British champion Anna Christian for 2015.  And Sharon Laws is another rider moving to Bigla


This week’s racing

Enduro World Series, Ligure

The final race in the 2014 Enduro MTB World Series!


Superprestige #1, Gieten

It was the first round of the 2014-15 cyclocross Superprestige series, and there’s a 5 minute video of the women’s race on vier.be.  Great photos by Balint Hamvas on cyclephotos.co.uk, and results here.  More photos via the race website.

Sarah will be writing a “how to watch cyclocross post” very soon – but there’s lots of transferable information on her 2013/14 post. And here’s what’s been happening on the USA cyclocross scene, in Providence



Huge congratulations to Martine Bras, on the birth of her daughter, Lisa


We didn’t realise Evie Stevens rode Worlds (winning the TTT, getting bronze in the ITT, and coming 12th in the road race) with a separated shoulder – ouch!  Read an interview with her about that, and her plans for 2015 and the Rio Olympics.

Speaking of the USA… Apparently the ASO wants to find a USA-based sponsor for a women’s week-long Tour de France.


Oh UCI…  Para-cycling might not be in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, because the UCI forgot to submit the paperwork.


Want to meet Tiffany Cromwell and Lizzie Armitstead?


We loved the photos of Rabobank-Liv at the l’Eroica sportive – with Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Roxane Knetemann wearing her father Gerrie Knetemann’s jerseys, and the rest of the team in vintage gear.  There are photos on CyclingTips (scroll right down)

More Rabo and Vos – a load of people got to spend time with her and her team-mates at the Marianne Vos Experience:


Upcoming racing


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