Sometimes I’m speechless

I keep trying to write something pithy and strong about the UCI having missed the first, most important deadline to get Para-cycling included in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, but I just don’t have the words.  Just…..  fuck.  Just…..  Read about it here on BBC Sport, with a video that might be geo-restricted to the UK.

But it’s not just that that’s going on for the Para-cyclists.  It looked like a good move when the UCI announced there’d be a Para-Track World Championships in 2015, held in Apeldoorn.  But guess what?

I thought I’d missed the announcement about that…

My jaw has dropped so much it’s probably dislocated.  I just don’t have any words for this.  That IPC deadline the UCI missed?  28th July, and they’ve only just noticed.  Can’t imagine what it’s like training, sacrificing, working to race, and knowing the governing body is actively in the way of your racing….


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