Podcast 2014 Episode 43 – All Your Worldly Goods

Podcast logoHey team, what a huge week it’s been. Sarah and Dan are both on a bit of a comedown following all the action of worlds and, of course, the fact that there was some post-race polemica stuff. So, just to be fair, here’s a WARNING: This podcast may contain traces of rants (Sarah limits Dan to a maximum 5 minute rant, but he performs well in his race of truth, beating the clock with time to spare!). BUT we mostly talk about the Junior and Elite Women’s World Championship road races and a whole bunch of cool blogs, stories, videos and also the BMX Supercross World Cup at Chula Vista. Sarah also finally finds the ultimate justification for her default position of wanting everyone to win all the time. (1:15:34 MIN / 72.56 MB)

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Links to things we liked this week

Road World Championships

BMX Supercross World Cup – Chula Vista

Photos from the racing on the UCI website

There’s always more!


Marianne Vos is leading a secret twitter night ride somewhere in the Netherlands on 17th October.  We wish we were Dutch so we could go too.

Elisa Longo Borghini moving to Wiggle Honda for 2015. Sarah’s keeping up to date with all the transfer news (and gossip and conversation in the comments) on Podium Café.


Helen Wyman‘s racing cyclocross in the USA at the moment (she won Day 1 of the Gloucester Rapha Super Cross weekend), and this story about what she’s doing over there is adorable – even if you don’t like CX, read it, it’s a lovely blog about a CX newbie being helped out by a top pro.  (Photos from the Gloucester races, Day 1 and Day 2, on VeloNews)

This video from Rachel Atherton‘s GoPro at the Red Bull Foxhunt (downhill MTB mass-start chase event) made Sarah grin a lot.


It was the Great Britain national track championships this weekend (same time as Road Worlds?  Very clever, British Cycling…) and I laughed at Katie Archibald‘s blog about riding home from it. Some Wiggle Honda videos from it:


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