Videos from the 2014 Women’s Road World Champs – road race

The final race of the year….  Worlds!  Or to be more polite about it – the Ponferrada 2014 Road Cycling World Championships.  The road race  7 laps of a course with 2 climbs and that killer descent (“Killer” is not necessarily an exaggeration – not sure what I think about a descent with men with danger flags, and a Red Cross tent at the bottom).  So much talent, and so many strong riders.  I asked some of them what they thought about the course before the race, so had an idea about the course, but what was the race like?  There are tons of videos and galleries and tweets – if I’ve missed anything, please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

Highlights and full race replay

(If that’s geo-restricted for you, add Hola or Tunnelbear and set yourself to somewhere like Algeria, Finland or Germany and try again.  You can turn off your Tunnelbear immediately the feed’s running, to save your allocation)

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot‘s post race interview (and another one in French here)

I really enjoyed this nugget from the press conference:

Of those Germans, Lisa Brennauer came second, adding silver to her Individual and Team Time Trial golds.  She talks about the race (in the most perfect English!)

(So Specialized-lululemon riders came away with TTT gold, gold and bronze in the ITT and silver and 5th in the road race – and they’re struggling for sponsors?  Women’s cycling is not out of the woods yet!)

Emma Johansson was the only rider in the final break of four to get onto the podium, her third Worlds medal.  She’s tired, and disappointed, but still smiling in this post-race interview (again in perfect English)


Full results – great photos from Wei Yuet Wong, especially the pre- and post-race portraits, and more photo galleries on Cyclingnews and VeloNews.


Before you read anything else, Tiffany Cromwell has written about how the race unfolded, and the tactical decisions she made, in a race report on Cycling Tips.  This is fascinating, a view from road captain and lead rider on her way to her best ever Words result, and you should click through right now.


There’s been some (in my opinion) really misinformed criticism of the race – and rather than respond to that any more than I did on twitter, I’m going to recommend Tim Renowden’s blog about Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, the race, and the negative responses to the race, because he says it all so much better than I ever could – head through and read it. (tl;dr? when 5 races out of 5 end up the same way, it’s an issue with the course, not the peloton).  And I love Bridie O’Donnell’s commentary on the race and the race commentary on her blog. (Want more Bridie?  I podcast-interviewed her just before Worlds)

(UPDATE: since it was SBS that published the more clickbaity ridiculousness, they’ve published an alternative view, on why commentary needs to change, from Tom Palmer)

During the the UCI’s live feed of the men’s race we had some really excellent analysis about the women’s race, general talk about women’s cycling and answering twitter questions by 2010 Commonwealths winner, Wiggle Honda boss and BBC commentator Rochelle Gilmore and superstar Marianne Vos.  Rochelle starts from around 3:13:46, and Marianne starts from 3:47:35 – and again, if you can’t watch them, try Hola or Tunnelbear (I watched from Iceland).

This was the first year Vos has ever come below second, even in Juniors (and I feel for her, had she won, people would have said women’s racing’s boring – now she’s lost some people are critical too!).  Here’s her blog talking about the race and the season, and her team-mate Iris Slappendel’s blog (or in google-translated English) and some more Vos interviews – NOS video (Dutch) and Omroep Brabant:

More interviews!

Italian Giorgia Bronzini finished just off the podium, in 4th place – here’s an Italian video interview where she talks about what happened – and her team-mate, Elisa Longo Borghini is also interviewed, about being  in that final break of four, and trying to escape from it for a solo win.

I mentioned Tiffany Cromwell above and she finished 5th….

and now?

Shelley Olds finished 6th:

and her USA team-mate Alison Powers on attacking and more

British star and 2014 Road World Cup series winner Lizzie Armitstead was in the final break of four, but ended up second.  She wasn’t happy after the race – here’s a video interview on the BBC (may be geo-restricted)  and comments on Cyclingnews.

Here’s a UCI piece on on-board cameras – it includes crash footage (they say that there were no injuries – the riders with broken pelvises and other bones, and head injuries would disagree)

Speaking of those injuries, some tweets about them – Aussie Lizzie Williams

Want some backstage info on the race? Some more UCI videos:

and just because this makes me smile, a NOS video in English and Dutch on the eve of the Worlds, all about Finnish rider Sari Saarelainen and her side-career as a pop star….


5 thoughts on “Videos from the 2014 Women’s Road World Champs – road race

  1. Sarah, the medical tent at the right hander onto the dam would have been a sobering sight for anyone, a very very stern test in the dry and really a ,”just don’t fall off” corner when wet . I think they put the flag people out just in case the cloud rolled in, we were in 40m visibility several mornings coming in from the south, so really glad that did not happen on the circuit. We thoroughly enjoyed the course , all the races and all the lovely fans and people in Ponferrada, I just don’t get some of the negative comments, for us it was a lot of fun! onwards, Roy

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