Videos from the 2014 Team Time Trial World Championships

The women’s TTT had so much action – and very unfortunately, not all of it positively, with Rabo-Liv crashing on their way to the silver medal.  The big losers were Anna van der Breggen, with a broken hip, and Annemiek van Vleuten whose injuries mean she’s out of Worlds….  BUT huge congratulations to Specialized-lululemon, head and shoulders above everyone else.  Here are all the videos (lots!):

UCI highlights:

Full UCI replay

Evie Stevens talking about Specialized-lululemon’s win

Rabo’s video about their crash

Dutch report, with lots of Marianne Vos on NOS sports

Full results

UPDATE! Nettie Edmondson blogged about ORICA-AIS coming second – and here’s their video

More highlights


10 thoughts on “Videos from the 2014 Team Time Trial World Championships

  1. It looks like the first Rabo rider clipped the sticking feet of a barrier (like Zydenek Stybar at the Eneco Tour in mid-August). He has appealed to the UCI to ban that type of barrier. I think someone should raise the same point in this context. Why, in a curve, would they put this type of barrier instead of the ones seen at the beginning of the course, where the barrier is at an angle, no feet sticking out on to the road?! It’s almost criminal. Perhaps the barriers with the sticking feet could be used in a straight section, like at the start area.

    • Yes, that’s what I’ve heard (haven’t watched it again because I’m very squeamish about crash footage) – awful way to end AvV’s time with Rabo – really problematic for Dutch Worlds team

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