How to watch the 2014 Road World Championships LIVE!

It’s that time of year again….  ROAD WORLDS!  As Dan says, we’re officially in WoW! and it’s going to be great!  Ponferrada, in Northern Spain, it’s  hilly, it’s Basque, it’s going to super-exciting.  So how can you watch them live?  Well, the good news is that pretty much everything will be televised….  BUT you may need to be a bit clever about it.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how below.

I’m going to tell you what’s on when, and then I’ll tell you about how to watch it – but the first and easiest places to start are the Worlds programme and the UCI TV schedule, with what they know is going to be shown on tv when around the world (basically everything will be, somewhere…  scroll down if there are things missing from your country) and once the races are running, there’s a liveticker so you ca see what’s going on if you can’t watch.

Now, we need a soundtrack for this, right?  So while you’re reading, listen to the official Ponferrada Worlds song!

This is going to focus on the women’s races (that’s what the blog’s about!), but that tv schedule tells you the men’s too, so you can extrapolate.

All the startlists will go up here, probably the day before the races.

Team Time Trial, Sunday 21st September

The women’s TTT starts at 10:00 CEST (9am UK BST; 6pm Aus AEST; 4am USA EDT; 1am USA PST) and is due to finish an hour and 25 minutes later.  The whole thing will be streamed  (see below) even if there’s not tv in your country.

UPDATE! Sporza’s stream is un-georestricted, so you can watch it here

Remember, this is the only event contested by Trade Teams, and you can find out more about the course on the race website, and on Velofocus’ preview.   Specialized-lululemon have won every major TTT they’ve competed in so far – but they won’t have this easy, Rabobank-Liv, Boels-Dolmans and ORICA-AIS have been training hard, and really want to steal their crown….


Junior women’s Individual Time Trial, Monday 22nd September

It’s a 13.9km course, find out more here.  The ITT starts at 10:00 CEST again, and finishes at 11:30, and again it should be possible to watch.  UPDATE!  Seems un-restricted here – see below for how to watch if it is


Individual Time Trial, Tuesday 23rd September

I am SO excited to see if Ellen van Dijk will win this – or will her Dutch team-mate Annemiek van Vleuten steal her crown?  What about Linda Villumsen, who’s been on the podium for the last five years in a row?  Or the Americans – Carmen Small and Evelyn Stevens were 3rd & 4th last year, and it’ll be interesting to see where USA-based Alison Powers will end up. Germany’s Lisa Brennauer is a fabulous rider, very Van Dijk-like, and I can’t wait to see how Aussie Katrin Garfoot does too – and then there’s always controversial rider Hanna Solovey…. Dan and I discussed all of these riders in our latest podcast, if you want to know more!

The race starts at 14:30 CEST (1:30pm UK BST; 11:30pm Aus AEST; 8:30am USA EDT; 5:30am USA PDT) and last around two and a half hours – lots of course info on the race website, and there’s a preview on Velofocus.  Unless the official startlist comes out, Cycling Fever has the best one.


Junior women’s Road Race, Friday 26th September

Don’t expect much media about this race, because inexplicably the UCI schedule their annual Congress at the same time, so you generally get a ton of very bored journalists frothing at the mouth about how they’d rather be watching the race.  Why don’t they hold the congress on Thursday, when there’s no racing, or before the men’s elite ITT on Wednesday.  No one ever knows.  BUT!  This year it’s meant to be broadcast, so it’s a step up.  It’s always an exciting race, and always a chance to spot future stars.

It starts at 09:00 CEST (8am UK BST; 5pm Aus AEST; 3am USA EDT; midnight USA PDT) and it’s due to last two hours and ten minutes.  Course info here.  The stream is here, accessible in most places – if it’s not in your country, check the advice below.  Don’t forget the liveticker!


Women’s Road Race, Saturday 27th September

Is it crazy that I got overexcited just typing that? Can Marianne Vos win for her third year in a row and fourth time overall – or when she pulled out of the Boels Rental Ladies Tour and the Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour this month, was that indicative of problems?  She won’t find it easy, however she’s feeling!

UPDATE!  I asked a selection of riders how they’re feeling about the course and the race – their replies are here, on Podium Café.

If you’re new to women’s cycling, and you’re not sure who to support, I have a solution for you – tell me in the comments, or on twitter, who your favourite cyclists are, and why, or what type of rider you like, and I’ll give you a Worlds equivalent to shout for.  Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of this year’s answers.

The race will start at 14:00 CEST (1pm UK BST; 10pm Aus AEST; 8am USA EDT; 5am USA PDT) and is scheduled to last roughly two and a quarter hours.

If you want to see what the course is like, here’s a video of the loop from a car (they ride 7 laps of this 18.2km course)  – and tons of info on the race website.  Velofocus will have a preview nearer the time, and CyclingFever have a draft startlist up.


How to watch the races

If some of the races aren’t being shown in your country, there will be solutions.  The UCI will be streaming everything on their Youtube channel, and while this is geo-restricted in countries where tv channels have bought the coverage (even if they’re not showing it), UPDATE!!  It’s seems to be unrestricted if you watch it from the UCI website as long as it’s not being shown on tv in your country – if you can’t see that you can see it with a service like Hola or Tunnelbear, if you install them and set them to a country that’s not getting coverage – try Finland or Germany or somewhere like that.  (Protip – Tunnelbear has limits on how much you can use it, but if you set it running and connect to the stream, you can turn TB off almost straight away and keep watching).  This also works if you want to watch a country’s online stream – set yourself to their country and give it a go on their tv stream.  Here’s that reminder of the UCI’s tv schedule again.

If that’s not good for you, there are always streams.  I have three reliable places I look for streams, and they update all the time.  All you can always ask me on twitter and I can point streams.

If all else fails, follow the races on the liveticker.


More information

There’s stacks more information out there.  We’ll have livethreads for the races and maybe some pre-race talk on Podium Café, and there are really in-depth pre-race stuff on the Ponferrada website, and the UCI Worlds portal.  There’s a Ponferrada race twitter too, and if there’s anything else you want to know, you know what to do – ask me in the comments or on twitter.  I’ll update with more interesting things as we go – and I’ll post videos and fun things from the races right here.  Enjoy WoW!


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