Podcast 2014 Episode 40 – WoW Part One

Podcast logoGuess what team?! It’s the Week of Worlds! (WoW!) That’s right we talk all things worlds (well, except for the road race because that’s going to be part two). Before we get into all the awesome things that are going to happen in Ponferrada we catch up on the Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour, a race we’d rather not talk about (Giro Toscana), the Chrono Champenois with Time Trial interestingness, and THEN we start to talk about Worlds! It’s so exciting and there’s SO MUCH to talk about it’s amazing. Because we also cover some great blogs and articles we saw during the week, and of course we kind of have to talk about ~that~ kit and the kind of weirdness of a story being hyped beyond all recognition. I (Dan) mean, what else do you call a story about a nude kit that’s clearly not a nude kit even in the photo that’s allegedly nude-ish? And then on top of that, what do you say when the UCI has time to comment on that (even though according to their own rules they must have already been aware of the kit – and also, it’s gold so WTAF?) but still can’t comment on stories of riders not being paid by teams and other actual issues? Well, as it turns out, we have quite a bit to say. I know, you’re surprised. (1:19:41 MIN / 74.71 MB)

To be utterly WoWed by the least nude podcast you’ll ever hear, click here.

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This week’s women’s cycling links

Last week’s racing

Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour

Chloe Hosking’s blog on winning her stage – including what it’s like racing without a contract for next year – we hope she gets one soon.  Lots more information, photos and results on the race website.

Giro Toscana

It wouldn’t be Toscana without controversy, would it?  Sarah wrote about the weird international media controversy  about that Colombian team’s “nude” kit (ugh) and there are some really great takes on the reactions by FestinaGirl and by Ben Atkins.  Kits in bad light are bad, but riders refusing to finish the race in protest is ok, Cookson?

Chrono Champenois

Results on the race website


More things

Sarah interviewed Amber Pierce on her Network for Advancing Athletes – and they’ve since published this great piece by Dotsie Bausch, who has such a story, on how embracing vulnerability can make you a better athlete.

Yolanda Álvarez interviewed Alena Amailiusik, and you should definitely click through and read it.


Dan really loved this article by Australian Sports Commission Chair John Wylie that was first published in the Australian Financial Review (think Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, non-Aussies), all about the economic argument for businesses supporting women’s sports.  It’s Australian-focused, but applies everywhere.


Apparently the Amgen Tour of California and US Pro Challenge are finally adding proper women’s events…  but we’re not getting too excited until we see more details

Next year, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot wants to race more MTB (don’t expect that to stop her winning on the road).


Sarah Walker‘s video diary on preparing for the BMX World Championships

Peloton Café’s interview with Tracey Gaudry, UCI Vice-President and CEO of the Amy Gillett Foundation, at this year’s Amy’s Gran Fondo

Love this tweet!


Transfer news

Annemiek van Vleuten is moving to Bigla next year – this is fantastic, Bigla were one of the powerhouses of women’s cycling, so it’s wonderful to see them stepping up again. Info on Annemiek’s website, and on Bigla’s twitter

UK team Matrix-Vulpine is stepping up to UCI-level next year, and as well as Laura Trott, they’ve announced that they’ve signed Lucy Martin, which makes us really happy, along with Molly Weaver, and Jessie Walker and Mel Lowther are staying on the team.  Here’s Molly Weaver’s blog on winning the Coalville Road Race.


Upcoming races

Road World Championships 2014!  We’ll put a “how to watch” guide up very soon, but there’s tons of information on the race website, and on the UCI’s portal, including the tv schedule for different countries.  Here’s Velofocus’ preview of the Team Time Trial on Sunday 21st September.


4 thoughts on “Podcast 2014 Episode 40 – WoW Part One

  1. About Vos sandbagging, this is from Rabo’s newsletter from yesterday:

    Q: You rode in the Belgium Tour with the brakes on. And this, right before the Worlds. How’d that feel?
    A: Really great. I didn’t have to do much. The team rode well and it was great to be in it with them. I had spoken with Koos beforehand about just riding the race and not forcing it at all. To get back into the swing of it after my little break during the Ladies’ Tour, and it ended up working out. The prologue and the team time trial both gave me a boost. Most surprising was the last race (TTT). We suffered all the way. It was down to three of us who could give it full gas in the second half. I had the feeling that the time difference was going to be slim, but it stayed pretty big.”

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