News, links, videos – a podcast post without the podcast!

This week real life got on top of us, so we won’t be ‘casting this week (if you miss us, check out the ‘cast archive, to listen to things you might have missed), but we have the usual links and videos and stuff we’ve loved this week – and I wanted to have a look at some stats about the Boels Rental Ladies Tour.  If you don’t know about the Tour, it’s one of those fantastic Dutch races – starting with an ITT, 3 stages of pancake-flat roads with crazy winds that are probably harder to race in than hills, and two hilly Valkenberg stages.  For more info, check out the race website, the Velofocus preview and here’s the race highlights video, with finish-line footage, and post-race interviews with all the winners (subtitled to English!)

So, Dutch racing – and I would expect Dutch riders to dominate.  OK, some big names were out (Loes Gunnewijk is still out injured, Marianne Vos pulled out halfway through as she wasn’t recovering well, Annemiek van Vleuten is training for Worlds), but look at my stats


Stage winners

Overall GC


Top 10 GC

2014 2 x Ned & Bel,1 x Ger & Swe Evelyn Stevens


2 x USA, Ger, Italy, Pol1 x Ned & Swe


3 x Ned1 x Ger, Aus, Italy(plus TTT, Speclulu) Ellen van Dijk


4 x Ned, 2 x Ger1 x GB, Italy, USA, Pol


4 x Ned2 x Ger(plus TTT, Speclulu) Marianne Vos


2 x Ned, Ger, Italy1 x USA, Swe, NZ, Bel


5 x Ned1 x Bel Marianne Vos


6 x Ned1 x Swe, Aus, Can, Italy


6 x Netherlands1 x Germany Marianne Vos


5 x Netherlands,3 x Ger, 2 x Swe

Now, I know I’m geeky about cycling, but I find that so interesting.  What I think is happening is that riders from other countries have been learning about how to race Dutch-style – it’s especially nice that Evie Stevens won this year, because two years ago she wrote about how she used to feel about these races:

Constant sideway winds, torrential cold rain, 1000 exceedingly tall women all fighting me for position 999, a million tricky corners, roads too small for cars, road furniture jumping out at me left and right, the sight of the 999 tall women stretched out in front of me and the winning break disappearing into the cold midst, me adding as much value to the team’s performance as a rain jacket on a sunny day …this horrifying vision used to pop into my brain when I thought of racing in Holland. It is true, I used to suffer from Dutch Anxiety.

I love that blog! Every time I think of it, it makes me grin!

So what will the Dutch need to do?  Is the Holland Ladies Tour turning into the International Ladies Tour? Do they need more rain and wind, more cobbles?  Or will we find the Dutch riders getting revenge?  I suppose, with Vos winning three Giros, maybe they’re already stealing the Italian races….  Or maybe we’ll see the Dutch women getting revenge next year, with 7 of them getting into breaks at kilometre 15, echeloning the peloton into submission, and attacking even more than normal?  I love it, I can’t wait!

Update!  I know, I know, there was also no Kirsten Wild, or Lucinda Brand in the Boels Tour, and it was weirdly un-windy this year – and I’m not being 100% serious about the Dutch riders losing the ability to win Dutch races – I’m just interested in the profile of who does well in this race, and enjoying myself immensely!  Anyway, onwards to….

More things from last week’s racing

Remember videos from Stages 1 & 2 of Boels Rental Ladies Tour, and Stages 1-3 of l’Ardèche are in last week’s podcast post….

Boels Rental Ladies Tour

I want to start with a huge shout-out to the fantastic race organisers, for their superlative race ticker, great twitter, and I especially loved the Ashwin Kruders videos, for the mix of talking to race winners, major players and just interesting riders.  I love that! I like being able to see the experience from a range of different people, and seeing the race from different angles.  This race is always an absolute pleasure to follow, and spoils me for other races!

Tons more stuff, less do this by Stage.  Stages 1 & 2 are in last week’s podcast post above.


Tour de l’Ardèche

Comedy moments from Wiggle Honda:


Speaking of Linda Villumsen….  Wiggle Honda has more riders leaving:  Linda Villumsen to UnitedHealthcare and Joanna Rowsell to Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International Madison Boot Out Breast Cancer – but don’t be fooled into thinking this means there are problems for the team – I hear rumours that everyone is going to Wiggle next year, and I can’t wait to find out which ones actually are!


MTB World Championships – Hafjell

All the videos and stuff Sarah loved – especially Manon Carpenter‘s winning downhill run:


BMX Supercross World Cup, Argentina

The women’s semi-finals videos, and the final:

and Sarah Walker’s GoPro:



The Cyclocross season has started – in the USA at least!  Over in the USA it was CrossVegas, the floodlit race, and Meredith Miller won, ahead of Katie Compton and Katerina Nash.  Full results are here, and keep an eye on the great CrossVegas site for video and things.

Want more cyclocross?  Helen Wyman is over in the USA for the early season, and may have crashed out of CrossVegas, but says she’s ok. Here’s her first video diary:

and here’s a Behind The Barriers film looking at Gabby Durrin’s life in ‘cross.


Depressing news – Estado de Mexico Faren are being accused of not paying riders and being discriminatory against Mexican riders (that’s Spanish – here’s the google translate to English).  I wrote about it here, with an update.


There’ll be a Tour of New Zealand in February!! I’m overexcited about this, the race was a great one, and it means the Antipodean season is expended again.


It’s only half cycling, but huge congratulations to Emma Pooley, the new Duathlon World Champion – here’s a BBC Sport result


Upcoming racing

Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour, 11th-15th September.  Great website and twitter – and preview on Velofocus.

The controversial Giro della Toscana, 12th-14th September.  Here’s the Velofocus preview – and here’s a reminder of why most riders refused to finish it last year, and let’s hope all of that has been sorted out.

Chrono Champenois ITT, 14th September – Velofocus preview

Are you looking forward to Road Worlds?  Here’s video of the road race loop.  Why yes, I AM overexcited, why did you ask?

We’ll be back with a podcast next week – as always, chat to us in the comments, or I’m on twitter as @_pigeons_, pop by and say hi!


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