MTB videos and photos – 2014 Windham World Cup & Enduro at Crankworx Whistler

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!  As always, videos and photos, and I love that….  BUT!  What is it with the UCI video clips?  I don’t know why, but the UCI World Cup promos are always full of crashes, and not the dramatic “OMG World Cup leader crashes and destroys her season” crashes that are necessary to the storyline, but “haha, watch this race, there’ll be loads of crashes to laugh at” that makes me roll my eyes – I mean, really?  And then their highlights videos always have tons of shots of attractive women in the crowds in short-shorts and so on, and I don’t get it at all – why is the governing body of the sport putting out videos where there are more clips of audience totty than of actual women racing?  It’s the same women flicking their hair in all three videos, too, and what are we, 1978?

At least there’s Red Bull, who have the superb race footage, great commentary and commission awesome videos from the Parkin Brothers, where the women are racing hard, jumping, battling and then talking about the actual race!  I swear, Red Bull does far more for MTB than the UCI!  And all the great stuff from teams, too, MTB really knows how to show their fans some love.


MTB World Cup #6 – Windham


Full race replay on Red Bull TV

Full results



More crowd-totty and no shots of Ragot’s winning run in that….  rolling my eyes SO hard.  Luckily we have the excellent Parkin Brothers video highlights on Red Bull Bike, with interview with Emmeline Ragot, and the full race replay on Red Bull tv.  But because I know you want more…


Cross Country

Full race replay on Red Bull tv – nice photo-essay on Pinkbike  – full results on the UCI site.

Video interview with Catharine Pendrel and Emily Batty (and Emily Batty’s blog update)


Enduro World Series #6 – Crankworx Whistler

Preview photo galleries on Pinkbike – and preview video, with great explanations of Enduro, on Dirt – I do love how Dirt promotes this sport, I knew nothing about Enduro MTB before I started watching these, and I love Cunny’s commentary, he just seems delighted to be there.

Really great photo-essay of the races on Pinkbike and full results on the Enduro World Series website.

Full video highlights of the racing, including interviews with Tracy Moseley and Cecile Ravanel, and of course great riding in gorgeous mountain scenery, on Dirt.  And more video:


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