Podcast 2014 Episode 32 – Now With Added Merchandise

Podcast logo Hello cycling fans! This week’s episode Sarah and Dan are all La Course and La Awesome! Basically they’re a little bit excited about the racing, how it played out and all the amazing video and media and blogs and pictures and other things to come out of it. It’s fair to say they thought it was great. In addition to La Course, there’s some discussion of Emma Pooley’s imminent retirement from the sport (sad face) and there’s also a little bit of MTB, Commonwealth Games and BMX news to go around. We talk about one of the most interesting crowdfunding initiatives we’ve seen in the cycling space for a long time (and how you can help!), and what we think its chances of succeeding are. Also, speaking of success, we have a pretty exciting announcement of our own to make about the future of everything (but most specifically about the future of us, here, together, right now). Intrigued? You better be! (1:09:43 MIN / 65.37 MB)

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We’ve got a new line of merchandise-y sort of things including (but not limited to!) stickers, cards, tshirts, cushions(!), phone covers, iPad covers and tote bags, all available via the site Redbubble:

Sometimes someone is just so dominating in a race it defies belief. Sometimes a whole team is so dominant it’s hard to find the words to describe it. That’s why we’ve found the words for you. When you need to explain that you really did just go “Stompity stompity stomp” all over the peloton.

Stompity Stompity Stomp

Sometimes Dan’s a little overwhelmed by all that’s happening in the world of women’s cycling. Sometimes he’s a little overwhelmed by the refusal of races to show footage (Flèche Wallonne, we’re looking at you here!). Sometimes he’s just thirsty, but a lot of the time he’s in need of more whisky. Now you can toast along too.


If you’ve ever heard our podcast, you know that Sarah loves to repeat our URL with a certain relish. Now you can always be reminded of where to get your pro women’s cycling fix!


If you know Sarah at all, you know she only has room in her heart for one rider and that rider is “ALL OF THEM!!!!”

This design celebrates Sarah’s inspiring capacity for love.


Dan was shocked to learn that women aren’t the only people who race bikes. Obviously men’s racing just hasn’t got to the level where it’s interesting enough to catch his attention yet.


Blogs, Links, Videos and things we loved and/or talked about this week!

Chloe Hosking‘s must-read, even-better-than-her-usual-superb-standard blog on La Course – and the Marianne Vos live-cam videos.

Mariana Pajón won the BMX World Champshere’s the full race, and we love this video of the aftermath, and this helmetcam video from Pajón:

We’ll put videos of the Commonwealth cycling here very soon, but there are a lot of videos on the Commonwealth Games youtube and more on the BBC cycling page (you may need to add Hola or Tunnelbear)


Help support Specialized-lululemon by joining their team – it’s not just about the Project X donations (though every little helps) it’s about the community).  Here’s their Indiegogo – and here are the interviews we loved this week, with Tayler Wiles in Elle, and Carmen Small‘s extraordinary story.  And of course, the attack biscuits


We hope you couldn’t have possibly missed it, but Sarah broke the news of Emma Pooley‘s retirement, in an exclusive interview for Rouleur – and if you want to listen to their full conversation, and see Sarah’s favourite Pooley video moments, they’re here.


Gracie Elvin has this lovely video of recent Alpine rides.  We’re not jealous, oh no…


Upcoming races




12 thoughts on “Podcast 2014 Episode 32 – Now With Added Merchandise

  1. First time listening.Enjoyed the podcast. One request. Please ditch the left/right stereo separation. It’s a bit irritating when using both earbuds and I sometimes have to listen with one earbud out so my boss doesn’t sneak up on me.

    • Thanks! Dan was trying out new recording software for this one, so hopefully he’s sorted it all out and you can be surreptitious at work all happily 🙂

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