Podcast Giro Rosa Special Feature – Episode 28 – Sarah Interviews Emma Pooley

This is an amazing feature. Sarah has an in-depth conversation with the incredible Emma Pooley, who won three stages of the 2014 Giro Rosa and was clearly the best climber of the race. This is an absolute must listen! (28:47 MIN / 27.63 MB)

To stream the climbingest Giro Rosa interview of 2014, click here.



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If you’d rather read interviews than listen to them (or why not do both!) the transcript of this is on Podium Café.

Follow Pooley through the rest of her season on her twitter – and on the Lotto-Belisol website and twitter.

You can read Sarah’s interview with Pooley from before the Giro Rosa, and the Q&As with her after Stage 6 and after Stage 8 on Podium Café – and to find out what she was doing in the eight months before the season started, listen to Sarah’s interview with her from April – or read Part 1 and Part 2 on the Café.  And all the Podium Café coverage of the Giro Rosa is in the Storystream – and you can see all the videos right here, especially her wins on Stage 6, Stage 8 and Stage 9.


10 thoughts on “Podcast Giro Rosa Special Feature – Episode 28 – Sarah Interviews Emma Pooley

  1. Thank you so much! My view of the Stage 9 tactics are not as diplomatic, though I agree they were inspired by the knowledge that Mara could have ridden well up the GC podium.

  2. Sarah. Thank you for the interview, always love hearing Emma Pooley talk.

    I volunteered to help on The Womens Tour and had the good fortune to meet Emma’s parents in Bury St Edmonds while marshalling. As you would expect they were lovely people. However they were disappointed there were no disabled facilities laid on. Emma’s grandmother is wheelchair bound and without the facilities could not commit to going and watch Emma race. Obviously a disappointment because Emma hardly ever races in the UK and Bury was only a hour away from home.

    I did provide this feedback to the organisers via the website. However given your social media role on the tour you might be better placed to make sure the organisers can improve things for next year?

    We did briefly meet after the race but I was so excited having met Sharon Laws and Marianne Vos I probably didn’t make any sense! Anyway thank you for all you do to keep us fans up to date with what is gong on.

    • I’ll definitely mention it to them for you – I was only working for them for that one race, but I’m planning to interview Guy Elliott next week, so I’ll pop it in an email for him. I think it gets a little confusing over who organises what between SweetSpot and the local areas, but I know SweetSpot are committed to being accessible as possible – thanks for letting me know!

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